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a bone that is of approximately equal dimension in all directions


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Hand attached directly to body Foot attached directly to body Multiple complete limbs Multiple split limbs Incomplete limbs Lack of an organ Extra digits Short digits Missing digits Short bone No elbow No hand No knee Partial foot No foot Short toe Missing toe Hunched back Extended spine beyond rump Small head Iris abnormally colored or shaped Iris missing Small eye Displaced eye Missing eye Protruding tongue Tongue absent Short jaw Small jaw Curved jaw No jaw
The tail of its amphibian ancestors evolved into a short bone that fits entirely inside the pelvis.
In addition, GCRGs are predominantly found in the mandible and maxilla; a few cases have occurred in the short bones as the hands and feet.
There was also a previous stillborn elder sibling with midline cleft palate, absent uvula, small jaw, depressed nasal bridge, abnormalities on MRI brain such as absence of the inferior cerebellar vermis, partial agenesis of corpus callosum, congenital heart defects, and short bones.
Ozden, "Lengthening of short bones by distraction osteogenesis-results and complications," International Orthopaedics, vol.
Dhillon et al reported involvement of short bones of hands and feet and metadiaphyseal region of long bones as common site for MCGCT (4) but in our case subarticular region of tibia and fibular head are involved.
In 1994, Tanner and Gibbons proposed a computer-based skeletal age scoring system (CASAS), based on the Tanner and Whitehouse2 (TW2) method using radius, ulna, and short bones (RUS) [62].