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having the hair or wool cut or clipped off as if with shears or clippers


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Most sheep don't want to be shorn. They want the wool off, but don't like the feel of anything "crawling" through their wool.
Natalie was keen to master the modern approach to shearing, which demands a specific stance and foot movements to enable the sheep to be shorn as quickly and as professionally as possible.
Tuesday will be used as a training day by the British Wool Marketing Board and 250 sheep will be shorn - some in as little as 45 seconds.
A capacity crowd saw over 1,200 sheep shorn at last weekend's event, which this year is a Welsh qualifier for the 2008 world championships alongside Corwen Shears and The Royal Welsh Show.
The weather in the two weeks prior to shearing undoubtedly has an effect on the way the wool comes off, but any sheep producer should be able to make an assessment once the first few sheep are shorn. If it's really hard work the combs should be changed.
Shearing will again be spread over the whole three days of the event, with Tuesday being used as a training day by the British Wool Marketing Board, when 250 sheep will be shorn, some in as little as 45 seconds.
These all action events, together with keenly contested wool-handling competitions, take place on a raised stage from which shorn sheep are sent down a chute for close inspection for any nicks to the flesh that can mean the loss of precious points.
Ian Jones, from Hundred House, near Builth Wells, took up shearing at 17 and has also shorn in New Zealand many times.
* Skirting the fleece (removing a strip about 3 inches wide from the edges of the shorn fleece) is proper, especially if you're selling to spinners.
A capacity crowd saw more than 1,200 sheep shorn during the annual international event, which this year saw entries from across Wales, the Isle of White and New Zealand.