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Synonyms for shopworn

Synonyms for shopworn

worn or faded from being on display in a store


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The genuinely refreshing central premise is weighed down by the shopworn tropes of self-conscious banter, quirky rituals, and of course, the requisite shots of funny faces in a photo booth.
Featuring interviews with all the main players, it's a documentary to which the usual shopworn adjectives of 'stirring' and 'inspirational' readily apply.
Featuring interviews with all the main players, it is a documentary to which the usual shopworn adjectives of stirring and inspirational readily apply.
A few critics noted that Salvage the Bones could have been a disaster with its shopworn focus on rural poverty but that Ward's sensitive and honest handling of familial relationships and passions amid such circumstance makes the novel a standout in its genre.
At this point, the notion about crisis spawning opportunity has become a shopworn cliche, particularly for recession-weary Americans.
In economics, too, shopworn techniques play out in Republican policy, as the tax cuts and deregulation that remedied the malaise of the 1970s--the anti-planning plan, as it were--are urged over and over in a crisis of a very different kind.
The Greening Greater Washington conference was organized by Wilton Dillon, a Smithsonian Institution senior scholar emeritus--a man So impatient with shopworn thinking that he focuses on the memorable admonition of the late Hubert Humphrey:
All they have to do, year after year, is parrot the same old stock of unchanging, shopworn propositions, formulas, rules and definitions .
Remember, the shopworn (but surprisingly effective) stratagem of flattering the listener is the stock-in-trade of those who seek our attention and approval for their own ends.
Conventional wisdom about head injuries is shopworn.
Their picture is aslant,/strung up on thick thread,/yet the tattered bristles at the/window deny them the moment,/curling the shopworn into redundancy.
Religion in American Politics is a useful survey, not least because Lambert seeks to probe beyond some of the shopworn examples of religious and political entanglements, albeit with mixed results.
Shopworn tropes from 1950's film: the great white hunter, the buxom damsel in distress, the unscrupulous impresario, unevolved races metaphorized as animal instinct correspond to settings similarly invested with transparent topological symbolism--the metropolis as a landscape of technological achievement, intricate patterns of social and economic integration, and the jungle as atavism, a riot of carnality and bloodlust.
It is long past time for the media and the American people to stop being taken in by shopworn rhetorical trickery such as that attending the ritual discussion of military spending relative to GDP.