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Synonyms for shopworn

Synonyms for shopworn

worn or faded from being on display in a store


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Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron responded to the deaths of 30 British citizens in Tunisia by trotting out the same shopworn drivel that western leaders have been peddling for the past 14 years.
Drenched, he ducks into a shopworn cafe where he is abruptly struck by a recollection of times past, when many years earlier, a side table in this shabby cafe was a kind of de facto office for a remarkably monomaniacal character.
We fall back on shopworn statements like "we provide products that have to be sold; they're not bought." Yet more and more employers want a single enrollment platform for core benefits as well as voluntary options.
He's the main attraction in "Nightcrawler," a cynical, sick-soul-of-Los-Angeles movie that announces itself as a "Medium Cool" or "Network" for the TMZ era, but doesn't have much to say beyond the familiar, shopworn hand-wringing about shutterbugs willing to do anything to get the shot and the desensitized voyeur audience (us) that laps it all up.
And, working with your media partners means you'll likely get engaging content -- like concerts and celebs -- instead of shopworn ideas like coupons on your Facebook page.
As a result, a younger contemporary reader may find the characters out of touch and issues they struggle with shopworn.
One problem with mobilizing such shopworn myths to buttress a counterpoint: does anyone really believe them anymore?
The genuinely refreshing central premise is weighed down by the shopworn tropes of self-conscious banter, quirky rituals, and of course, the requisite shots of funny faces in a photo booth.
Featuring interviews with all the main players, it is a documentary to which the usual shopworn adjectives of stirring and inspirational readily apply.
Featuring interviews with all the main players, it's a documentary to which the usual shopworn adjectives of 'stirring' and 'inspirational' readily apply.
In economics, too, shopworn techniques play out in Republican policy, as the tax cuts and deregulation that remedied the malaise of the 1970s--the anti-planning plan, as it were--are urged over and over in a crisis of a very different kind.
All they have to do, year after year, is parrot the same old stock of unchanging, shopworn propositions, formulas, rules and definitions ...
Conventional wisdom about head injuries is shopworn. Damage from head trauma in football is considered to arise from classic concussions, when the player experiences amnesia, confusion or loss of consciousness.
"The Portrait": The stain of light from/the thick, entrenched hole/reveals a woman in a sable,/pearls and earrings to her neck,/hair black as her husband/standing stiff next to her.//Their picture is aslant,/strung up on thick thread,/yet the tattered bristles at the/window deny them the moment,/curling the shopworn into redundancy.