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a window of a store facing onto the street

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"We are the only sport in the UK that has a magazine programme broadcast on terrestrial television every week of the year, and it is important Channel 4 and racing continue to work in partnership for this to be the best possible shopwindow for the sport and its existing fans, but also to reach out to more general sports fans and bring new and younger people to the sport."
Today Part will put himself in the shopwindow to promote Sky Sports' HD coverage of the Ally Pally showpiece, practising in front of an Edgware Road bookmaker.
Solihull Borough boss Micky Moore has told all his players they are in the shopwindow for the remainder of the season.
A Mangar International spokeswoman said it has previously visited the Dsseldorf trade event which was an important shopwindow for the company.
EXPERT ADVICEIt takes nerve to advertise your single status in an internet shopwindow. It can be galling if you send out 100 emails and get no replies.
How disappointing this must be for the singers and instrumentalists (yes, Wales' best!) to be left out in the cold at Wales' premier shopwindow for Welsh arts and culture.
In fact, his store had no doors; one might say it had the creak of a door but no real doors, just a small shopwindow with a handle that swung open into the shop, letting the customer into a cramped room.
In the next shopwindow they are displaying a new mg shampoo called Golem and poor Kafka has become more of a corporate logo than a shade.
It is significant that this scene is preceded by Alan's love scene with Miss Lou Vipond, a shopwindow dummy.
29); once he saw it in a shopwindow, "[t]he conviction grew upon him that his very life would be changed if he owned the telescope" (p.
The novel's third paragraph notes that the "shopwindow" of Verloc's house on Brett Street
It provided substantial revenues and, importantly, a critical global shopwindow for non-U.S.
"The best-sellers in the shopwindow satisfy some customers and help to cover our overhead, but it is the well-selected assortment of new, standard, and classic works that gives Robinson Crusoe its literary and philosophical depth."
"Every young player needs experience and at Nuneaton I was guaranteed games and it's an opportunity to get myself in the shopwindow.'' He made 45 appearances for Nuneaton last season, scored six times and is looking forward to returning to training soon.
By the end of her career, she had repurposed dolls, a large silver wooden robot, a pink swan, a teddy bear, colonialist African totems, maps, dollhouses, a giant crescent moon, mannequins variously attired, shopwindow statuettes, furniture, musical instruments, an advertisement kiosk, a clock/soldier, a horse, a rainmaker, a large cross, a Bible, a bespoke dinosaur, and so on.