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talk about your business that only others in the same business can understand

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Avallone, an industry veteran of H-E-B and Stop & Shop, was among several exhibitors and presenters at Shoptalk extolling the virtues of a robotic workforce in service of solving current and looming e-commerce dilemmas--although opinions on how to best execute that strategy vary.
Keeping close tabs on the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop website will alert frequent buyers to new product as it is added, as will loyalty to their blog, Shoptalk, and Sturbridge's outreach through social media where new website only product is frequently featured.
Shoptalk TRENDS AND UPDATES: A quick look at news and events that will impact SMEs in this region.
The ShopTalk category, for instance, includes our Tool Box information (the "how to" stories) as well as all the Fresh Business data: business and liquor licenses, commercial lawsuits, tax liens, judgments and bankruptcies.
The NTSB published transcripts of cockpit conversations that revealed a pair of pilots "deeply engaged in shoptalk," as CBS' Nancy Cordes put it, just minutes before their plane stalled and crashed.
"Shoptalk": The time has come to talk./ There's a riot from 9 to 5/ the buildings are looting the street.// Can't you think of something else?/ the birds are dying to sing./ Take the subway/ see for yourself/ the music is deafening/ the sky is a distant place.
Many leaders hide behind buzzwords, shoptalk and B-school jargon.
Over their decades in business together, the Sommers have succeeded in countering the heated combination of divisive financial decisions and incessant shoptalk. But without good communication and relentless attention to work/life balance, many IRO couples could be heading toward marital and monetary disaster.
In this outgrowth of lunchtime shoptalk between gastroenterologists and others treating patients with inflammatory bowel disease, Irving (Institute of Cell and Molecular Science; Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, London) and UK colleagues introduce 64 chapters taking a refreshingly open approach to treating clinical challenges that IBD presents.
In these discussions, Fig asks each of his subjects a series of questions, from how long they have been in their current studio to "Please describe a typical day, being as specific as possible." The responses provide a day-in-the-life narrative but also function as shoptalk, as conversations range over the arrangement of the room, preferred brands of paint, how many paintings are worked on at a time, and the ways in which a tool can become a talisman or a fetish.
Programs and opportunities from each association, including NADI's ShopTalk series of networking discussions, now will be available to members of each group.
The biennial event, held in even-numbered years since 1920, will feature exhibits showcasing supply component materials, services and machinery dedicated solely to the mattress manufacturing industry, educational sessions on important industry topics such as global markets and branding and an ISPA/SPSC Flammability SHOPtalk held in conjunction with the event.
This year's event, held at the Las Vegas JW Marriott Resort & Spa, will include a "Flammability ShopTalk" on the latest news available for the proposed federal standard for open-flame ignition.
If you're entertaining newer clients, spend more time getting acquainted before launching into shoptalk.