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searching for or buying goods or services

the commodities purchased from stores

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But mall managers across the region agree that shopping on that day - counting hard-shopping traditionalists - has for years been more about browsing than buying.
After: "The city (as an idea) is taking place within shopping (as a place).
Yet each day more people are embracing the power of their browser to give home shopping a whole new dimension.
Despite Wilentz's record of selective concern for free speech, he held in the shopping mall context that free speech must win out over private property rights.
Most of these stores grew up in close proximity to one another, creating fashionable shopping districts.
As the hours cycle past on home shopping channels, the disembodied voices of buyers, calling in to offer "testimonials" on their purchases, float above the sparkling descriptions of cubic zirconium jewelry.
Electronic home shopping currently accounts for less than one percent of total retail sales in this country.
The decline also accounted for a decrease in shopping center construction employment -- 95,600 in 1990 as compared to 123,000 in 1989, and in contract awards, down to $5.
And 59% reported that when they have a frustrating shopping experience online, it negatively impacts their overall opinion of the retailer/brand.
While catalog shopping may not be for Fernandes, December `tis the season for many of us to order by mail.
The 2006 holiday season reinforced a shift in the types of products sought on Shopping.
Her crisp, commanding voice wafts over the Home Shopping Network airwaves, prodding television viewers to buy the red silk dress modeled on the screen.
The company approaches the online comparison shopping industry with a new twist.
Some 70 percent of Americans describe shopping as recreation, according to a survey of 1,250 upper-income shoppers (average income $111.
com, the leading online comparison shopping site, logged record-breaking activity on "Cyber Monday," the Monday after Thanksgiving.