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a window of a store facing onto the street

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Chocolate Easter eggs will be carefully hidden in shop windows across thw town centre on Saturday March 26 from 10am- 1pm.
Hlynsky presents his photographs taken in the late 80s and early 90s of shop windows in several crumbling communist countries of Eastern Europe.
Craig Allen, creative director of Luxury Branding - an agency providing services to the global luxury industry - says shop windows should be pure theatre.
LINGERIE shops in the Southern Governorate have been banned from hiring male staff and using mannequins to showcase provocative lingerie in shop windows.
A VANDAL caused PS6,000 worth of damage when he deliberately smashed 10 shop windows on Christmas Day.
WHEN I was a nipper walking through town you could not but notice the shop windows decked out for Christmas, it was as if all the shops were in competition too see who would have the best festive display.
The key measures proposed by the firms, include a voluntary ban on advertising sign-up offers on TV before 9pm, the withdrawal of all advertising of gaming machines from betting shop windows and dedicating 20% of shop window advertising to responsible gambling messages.
BHF shops are offering the perfect way to romance that special someone this Valentine's Day by posting a heartfelt Love Note, with a minimum PS1 donation, in their shop windows until February 16.
Creature Feature will take over the shop windows of the old department store and the empty displays will be brought to life by some very unusual inhabitants.
The interactive shop window enables people passing by to put goods behind shop windows onto a display with simple hand and facial gestures.
RETAILERS in Stratford are banding together to ensure their Christmas shop windows look the most magical and festive in the region.
Summary: Immigrants from North Africa rioted during the night in a multi-ethnic district of Milan, smashing shop windows and overturning cars.
Summary: Dozens of immigrants from North Africa rioted during the night in a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Milan, smashing shop windows, overturning cars to protest the knifing death of an Egyptian, Italian
PARIS, Nov 29, 2009 (TUR) -- Shop windows of the main building of the prominent French fashion-house Hermes were decorated with Iznik tiles.
Perhaps this is an opportunity to fill the shop windows with things that we all love to look at, even if we don't make a purchase that often.