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device that resembles a spiked walking stick but the top opens into a seat

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I WAS ONCE CERTAIN THAT SHOOTING STICKS WERE the devil's way to make good hunters miss.
Still standing, with his Remington 700 resting on the shooting stick, Danny began tracking the big deer through his scope.
And two shotguns - one disguised as a shooting stick, another as an umbrella - were found in full working order as was a Webley signal pistol.
The Q-Stick by Bog-Pod serves double-duty as both a hiking stick and a monopod shooting stick.
But Cameron was strutting around in America, tucking into hot dogs at a basketball game, when he would not touch them with a shooting stick in Notting Hill or Chipping Norton.
To complete the outfit, he's also got himself a shooting stick, although he's overlooked the fact that in the viewing area that borders the track there's no grass, so he's had to wedge the point of the stick in the gap between the artificial turf and the concrete paving.
She was spotted walking around in a long, green waxed jacket and a blue headscarf with a shooting stick and two labradors at her side.
Putting down his microphone and shooting stick, Maitland leaned over the edge of the stage to make a point and that was the last we saw of him.
Mousley wedged the shooting stick at an angle between the ground and the trunk of a small tree.
Features include two wing pockets lined with fleece, a large organizational pocket, shooting stick and tripod holders, a drop-down pocket for your bow or firearm and it is also hydration compatible.
Should your DIY hunt be taking you to a largely treeless environment, the easiest answer is a sturdy shooting stick or even a tripod version.
IAN WOOSNAM admitted he could have played his last Masters after needing a shooting stick between shots to rest his aching hips.
In the corner of our hearth is a crude shooting stick I made in the 1990s.
After all, it's handmade, has a huge BMW V8 and is as English as a shooting stick - and rappers love a bit of Englishness, even if they are being ironic.
Accoutrements should include a shooting stick - not necessarily for sitting on, more for use as a defensive, and occasionally offensive, weapon - and a strong leather handbag, in which the true cognoscenti, both as an added precaution and to give themselves an advantage when attempting to approach the bars, lavatories and betting ring, often conceal a half brick.