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the final detailed script for making a movie or TV program

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(14.) Laura final shooting script dated April 18, 1944 in Rubin Collection.
Moreover, Walton's own copy of the shooting script is now in the collection of the Folger Shakespeare Library (call number W.b.639).
Weinstein used this to help raise funds for what would become a $3.75-million production (the CBC paid for some of the earlier development, but later dropped out), and to start working on the shooting script. Louie then spent seven months orchestrating the score, crafting a piece that cleverly embraces a variety of musical styles from Broadway and folk song to jazz and grand opera--and in the process adapting some well-known themes from operas as diverse as Dido and Aeneas, La boheme, Don Giovanni and Der fliegende Hollander.
In the shooting script, but not in the film, the conversation is picked up at a later rime between the two dads and Tony, who reframe the issue of gay partnership within the context of another version of the story of Ararat--the biblical mountain on which Noah's Ark is said to have landed.
The screenwriter will spend considerable time negotiating and modifying their work to achieve a working shooting script, and at the request of a script developer, editor, producer or director, they may be asked to rewrite their work several times.
"Slumdog Millionaire: The Shooting Script" is a look at the screenplay for this runaway hit film that took theatres by storm.
This fine script presentation includes not just the complete shooting script, but extensive discussion with the film's director Danny Boyle, color photos, and complete cast credits and details.
Q I HAVE an original shooting script of the X-Files episode Red Museum from October 24, 1994, signed by writer Chris Carter.
When Chaucer tells him he is aiming high by setting his sights on Jocelyn, he responds: 'If there's another way to aim, I don't know it' (Shooting Script, p.
Whiting, just seventeen when the film was shot, is the source for several interesting stories about working with Zeffirelli as well as providing Jackson with his own copy of the film's shooting script. At one point in that script Whiting made the note, "Don't quiver voice sounds phoney" (195) in response to Zeffirelli's repeated attempts to get him to speak Shakespeare's lines naturally rather than with the vocal tricks of the stage actor.
Of course it is probably every screenwriter's dream to have directorial control over a film, since in others' hands the final shooting script so often bears little resemblance to the original.
"I'd written a script and a shooting script but it got in the way, so I decided we'd shoot the film without any script at all, which gave everyone a great deal of freedom.
A scenario is a synopsis of a play, a libretto of an opera, a shooting script of a screenplay, etc.
This volume presents the shooting script used in making the movie, along with detailed scene notes from screenwriter Zach Helm.