shooting gallery

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a building (usually abandoned) where drug addicts buy and use heroin

an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice

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Gallo Winery has agreed to purchase the Locations brand from California, US-based wine company Shooting Gallery Wines, LLC, the company said.
A total of 811 firers, including 142 civilians and 25 teams from three services, Pakistan Rangers, Lahore Garrison Shooting Gallery, Federal Rifle Association and Pakistan Police from Punjab, Sindh and KPK participated in 29 events during the four-week long PARA meet.
Lahore Garrison Shooting Gala 2017 concluded at the newly built Lahore Garrison Shooting Gallery (LGSG) in a graceful ceremony.
LAHORE -- Showing superb control and precision, National record holder Usman Chand won the Skeet Shotgun Range (professional category) that concluded on the second day of the Lahore Garrison Shooting Gala-2017 at the newly built Lahore Garrison Shooting Gallery (LGSG) here on Saturday.
Police and gendarmerie took security measures in the area and took it to a shooting gallery for detonation.
As well as its ruralthemed attractions, there will be donkey rides, fair rides and a shooting gallery, while circus performer James Bazley will be performing throughout the day.
With the dawning of the Dyster casino revenue cash windfall a veritable "turkey shoot" had begun with "Hunter Interest" stoked by none less than Mayor Dyster as he turned the city of Niagara Falls into a shooting gallery where businesses were essentially licensed by the Dyster administration to turn a profit.
This year there were bouncy castles, toddler rides, the water and land zorbs, bungee trampolines, miniature steam railway, shooting gallery, donkey rides, smoothie bike, shooting gallery and a crazy maze.
We think you have a "for real" shooting gallery gun in for service.
It includes a renovated Shooting Gallery which is a popular feature of the Golden Trails series.
Activities in the shooting gallery were intergenerational social programs where respected seniors practiced and competed with young people.
That moment led me on my path to making a documentary, Misfire, about the rise and fall of the Shooting Gallery. It was a time in New York City when indie filmmaking was exploding with such emerging directors as Jim Jarmusch, Hal Hartley and Spike Lee and producers like Ted Hope, James Schamus and Christine Vachon.
Annette Lapointe (author); WHITETAIL SHOOTING GALLERY; Anvil Press (Fiction: Literary) 20.00 ISBN: 9781897535981
At least one scientist called it an exciting day and "like a shooting gallery here." The asteroid was invisible in the United States, but it was visible in Australia.
"Channel 4 picked up on this one and chose it for their Shooting Gallery series of independent short films.