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a building (usually abandoned) where drug addicts buy and use heroin

an enclosed firing range with targets for rifle or handgun practice

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Multi-technical maintenance service facilities buildings of the Directorate General of Police and the shooting galleries,
Today we report on another idea, shooting galleries for addicts, being suggested for the Swansea area.
Without a consistent supply, there could be no crackhouses, opium dens, coffee houses or heroin shooting galleries.
America's politicians, opinion leaders and television anchors wonder why our public education system continues to decline, why more and more children turn to the streets and, ultimately, why our schools are turned into shooting galleries.
MeSH headings used to describe documents where shooting galleries is a text word include Substance Abuse, Intravenous, or Needles and Risk-Taking.
In fact, the San Francisco study found cocaine injectors more likely than other IV drugs users to routinely visit shooting galleries, where addicts share dirty needles.
HORRIFIC: The government and public baulked at proposals for shooting galleries - but others see a need to face up to drug problems
This (proposed ordinance) will bring the city ordinance in line with state law and the rules and regulations of the License Commission," which licenses the operation of shooting galleries, Chief Gemme told the Public Safety Committee.
He said: "Drug consumption rooms, or shooting galleries, as the tabloids call them, are obviously controversial.
The fair has the biggest Big Wheel in Britain and 120-plus stalls and sideshows including hooplas, bingo and shooting galleries.
Home Secretary David Blun-kett last year rejected the idea of shooting galleries even though a cross-party group of MPs said they should be considered.
It may be a hard fact of modern life, but there is no logical case against shooting galleries.
While the heroin and AIDS aspects of the film, which premieres at 9 tonight on Home Box Office, seem truthfully squalid, the movie drags during endless scenes of hospitals, rehabs, methadone clinics and shooting galleries.
A camera his parents sent him captures what he saw in chance run-ins with Senators Jay Rockefeller and Edward Kennedy, the Indians at Wounded Knee, bank presidents, and denizens of migrant slave camps and urban shooting galleries.