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The combination means that the Shooting Brake will shoot from standstill to 60mph in less than 4.9 seconds.
Apparently - thank you Google - the term shooting brake originates from the late 19th century, when it referred to a horse-drawn wagon used to transport hunting parties and their equipment, with the name sticking when the horses were replaced by engines.
Nor is it a shooting brake as we knew them -- those boxy carry-alls for killing parties on the grand estates of yesteryear.
With the world premiere of the CLA Shooting Brake, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a vehicle, which, like the CLA Coupe, is a true design artefact and, with its gently muscular rear end, comes with the added benefit of functionality and storage space.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 4, 2018--Aston Martin reveals details of new Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake
Auto Business News-December 4, 2018--Aston Martin reveals details of new Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake
"Production of the ProCeed shooting brake begins in November, and sales commence exclusively across Europe in the first quarter of 2019.
The new estate will be a sleek, two-door 'Shooting Brake' model and a far cry from the traditional image of a car built for carrying the family and plenty of luggage about.
However the new estate will be a sleek, two-door Shooting Brake model - a world away from the traditional family-friendly load-lugger.
ASTON Martin is to add to its ultra-exclusive Vanquish Zagato line-up with the production of a Speedster and a Shooting Brake.
Mercedes Benz has launched the new generation of its compact cars in the Egyptian market, including the new generation of the GLA, CLA Coupe, and CLA Shooting Brake.
The contrast of the long, low-slung roof-line, conjuring an image of a rakish shooting brake in silhouette, and elevated stance add to the visual impact.
You get room for three in the back of the estate version, although it has to be said that that Shooting Brake derivative is rather narrow and its shapeless middle seat will soon highlight family pecking orders.
But Merc's slippery new CLS Shooting Brake could change all that.
"With the new products that we launched and bring to the markets this year, we expect to significantly exceed general car market growth." To regain the luxury car crown that it lost to BMW in 2005, Mercedes has been adding affordable cars like the new wagon-like CLA Shooting Brake, even as it revives the ultra-luxury Maybach nameplate, which will offer more lavish versions of Mercedes cars.