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a small country house used by hunters during the shooting season

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Under his pen name he also wrote The Warwick Woodlands (1845), My Shooting Box (1846), The Deer-stalkers (1849), Field Sports of the United States and British Provinces of North America (2 v.
The competitor then moves to another shooting box six feet away and engages two identical targets on the other side of a center line.
Keep a magnet in your shooting box. They can be had from Amazon and other retailers for a relatively low price, don't weigh much and don't take up much space in the box.
Many an ardent big-bore pistol fan wistfully eyes the high-priced .44 Magnum, while a fine .44 Special lies in his shooting box, gathering dust.
You may use the sights from time to time, but when I am training from my back or shooting box drills at high speed on my local range, I find myself shooting instinctively most of the time.
They reached the shooting box in Wessenden Head Road, where Dr McGirr, of Meltham, was waiting with an ambulance.
Most game will soon learn to ignore the presence of a permanent stand or shooting box, but I have seen big whitetail bucks that never fully accepted these structures and always detoured around them at a safe distance.
10 caps in my shooting box. A too-loose fired cap has a tendency to fall into the action exposed by a cocked hammer.
At 25 feet with a sandbag positioned on my shooting box, the gun performed admirably with both Remington and Winchester ammunition.
I found plenty of room in the now-six-foot bed for the two-dog box, a 54-quart cooler, my large shooting box and six cased shotguns.
And it's earned a permanent place (very few gadgets do) in what I euphemistically term my "shooting box" (my wife dubs it "That ugly 1950-vintage blue-and-white suitcase you insist on using even though it looks so unprofessional").
I use both Speer #11 and Remington #10 caps and keep both in my shooting box. A fired cap that's too loose also has a tendency to fall into the action exposed by a cocked hammer.
It is small enough to fit comfortably in your possibles bag without taking up much room, and it would be an ideal addition to any shooting box. If you shoot patched ball rifles or pistols, this patch protector could be of value to you.
Here's a neat item to add to your shooting box, glove compartment or pack.
USPSA events, fairly or not, are perceived by many to be run-and-gun affairs, with competitors sprinting from shooting box to shooting box firing their race gun as they leave a trail of empty mags and cases flying in their wake.