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These films show us gender not as a dress-'em-up or shoot-'em-up but as a human rights issue, a matter of full equality.
THIS sequel to the best-selling 3D shoot-'em-up has the hick heroes blasting through 14 blood-spattered levels with a vast array of weapons from machine-guns to a crossbow that shoots dynamite-loaded chickens.
If the methodology is to research a script for a few weeks, cruise a ghetto, interview some local denizens, get the "real" story, and then turn around and write a shoot-'em-up, this doesn't make me feel very optimistic.
Tempest was a shoot-'em-up, designed way back in the days when Space Invaders and Defender ruled the arcades.
"The Great Train Robbery" (1903) was the first American film to tell a story of any complexity, and this early shoot-'em-up saga started things off with a bang.
It's a model Bork founds on the idea of boredom and jadedness: "it is necessary to keep upping the ante by being ever more shocking," while consumers themselves tire of the old degradations (shoot-'em-up video games) and demand something yet more titillating (snuff films).
And Elmer's shoot-'em-up may not have been his first: He faces assault charges in a separate incident in which he allegedly sprayed unarmed border crossers with machine-gun fire.
In Israel, foreign TV programs run from shoot-'em-up fare such as "Charlie's Angels" to less violent shows like "The Love Boat" and "Upstairs, Downstairs."
Scholars and screenwriters will lend seminars a serious note, but a great roster of films and some lighthearted talks should please fans of the Saturday matinee shoot-'em-up.
It will instantly remind older gamers of coin-op favourite Defender, being a side-scrolling spaceship shoot-'em-up tasking you with saving captured humans.
The government clearly does not want to risk a shoot-'em-up with Israel.
New Delhi, December 16 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she would love to put her cowboy hat and add 'shoot-'em-up' films to her kitty if given the chance.
A SHOOT-'EM-UP, starring Ray Liotta (above) that will appeal to a certain crowd, especially late-night action junkies who get their kicks on a cocktail of mindless sex and violence.
Those in search of a shoot-'em-up page-turner may want to listen to just the first and last third; the more thoughtful will relish the meaty middle.
It's tempting to think of this as boy art, a young lad's shoot-'em-up fantasies.