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'The US says if Pakistan used an F-16 to shoot down an Indian MiG, it may not have violated sale agreement,' she tweeted.
The penalties include 20 years in prison, and a threat to shoot down an aircraft can get you five years in prison (18 U.S.C.
Asked whether the Army would deploy anti-aircraft guns in Mrab to shoot down the drone, Charbel said it "is among a host of proposals that have been discussed in the past 48 hours."
before returning to the UK to join 3 Squadron where he was tasked to shoot down German rocket-propelled V1 flying bombs.
Military strategy could benefit from plan to shoot down satellite.
The court said in March that authorities have no right to kill innocent civilians and also that allowing the military to shoot down civilian aircraft would violate a constitutional bar on the military being deployed for domestic security.
A BRITISH man was found guilty yesterday of trying to sell shoulder-fired missiles to terrorists to shoot down airliners.
The NORTHCOM commander explained that the rules of engagement call for an order to shoot down a civilian aircraft only if there is no other way to prevent the plane from being used in an attack on a ground target, as was done in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
He added: "Someone can't just get on the radio and say, 'This is the president, I order you to shoot down that plane'."
A Naval Aviator during WW II and Korea, Bolt is one of only a few aces to shoot down five or more enemy aircraft during two wars, and the only Marine jet ace in Korea.
Indeed, many are also reserve military pilots who might someday be ordered to shoot down a hijacked airliner because none of the flight deck crew of the civilian plane are armed.