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a disassembled barrel

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The chair I was sitting in swayed from side to side, and the whole house shook with force.
When she shook bending over her husband, his health improved the next day.
Then, they shook the house with the force of a large earthquake.
What surprised team members was that the virtual quake originating in the Central Apennines shook Rome for as long as a minute, he notes.
Across East Texas, buildings shook with a booming rumble that tore through the Saturday morning calm before debris started crashing down on farms and dense forestland like nothing residents could imagine.
Shook later speaks of Maritain's "vital, joyful, yet controversial sojourns among us".
The last medium-size quake shook Parkfield in 1966.
With the hope of securing tuition for his son who entered college this fall, Ken shook it up with a routine designed to get people on their feet.
To look deeper into the contribution of particle density to the Brazil nut effect, the Chicago researchers shook a gumball-size acrylic shell that they had placed in a mug-size cylinder filled with smaller particles, such as glass beads or poppy seeds.