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open pie filled with a mixture of sweet crumbs and molasses

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frozen in time" (7)--but in fact, as American as--well, not shoofly pie, as Weaver points out in his text,(1) but as American as sauerkraut, this group's key culinary signifier and the dish that differentiated the Dutch from all other American groups.
Weaver notes that it was during the prewar period (1933-1939) that Pennsylvania Dutch became the preferred term (replacing Pennsylvania German) of cookbook writers, and that "the Amish table" of stereotypical tourist foods (chicken and waffles,(2) seven sweets and seven sours, shoofly pie, etc.) took shape (128).
Shoofly pie is made from molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon, flour, butter and salt, and sometimes nutmeg.
Here is another picture: several families sitting around a table--or even sitting on the floor--passing shoofly pie and baklava.
Bakery stocks all of the traditional cakes and pies, along with Pennsylvania Dutch favorites, including shoofly pie, molasses cake, and A.P.
With so much history and culture, you might think this is a stuffy city, but it's actually a fun town, with great sports teams, a colorful Italian market in South Philly, and the Reading Terminal Market where you can buy shoofly pie or cinnamon buns from the Pennsylvania Dutch, along with other ethnic goodies.
Shoofly Pie (so called because it is so sticky that the flies had to be shooed away), Louisiana Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce and, for the piece de resistance, a Mississippi Mud Pie.
Learn about Halloween past as you sample traditional Ulster and American favourites such as barnbrack, pumpkin and shoofly pie.
In the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, Clemens Markets, Lansdale, Pa., features its own version of shoofly pie, a regional favorite.
If I were to tell you I'd be writing today about prep time, would you assume I'd launch into a recipe for shoofly pie or that I was excited about something going on in the world of high school sports?
When I arrive, weeks before the Thanksgiving rush, Hochstetler is already filling crusts for pecan and shoofly pies they'll sell this afternoon.
one that is diffused, fragmented, and without a center, but also one that is charged with energy, individual initiative and the capacity to organize around particular interests" (168); "The county's character is changing from sunbonnets and shoofly pies to corporate centers and shopping plazas, from historic towns and postcard farms to strip developments and roadway billboards" (188).
John Joseph Stoudt, Sunbonnets and Shoofly Pies: A Pennsylvania Dutch Cultural History, A.S.