shoo away

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drive away by crying 'shoo!'

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Staff at hospital says no effort made by authorities to shoo away the stray dogs despite many complaints
To reduce marking, the feline practitioners' guidelines recommend eliminating triggers, such as installing motion-activated sprinklers on the lawn to shoo away roaming cats; cleaning soiled areas with an enzymatic cleanser and, in chronic cases, obtaining veterinarian-prescribed medications.
Emma Dean, of Baltic's curatorial team, said they had tried to shoo away the pigeons with strateg-cally placed plastic bag.
The Dickerson Pest Deterrent will eliminate the hassle of having to constantly shoo away flies and mosquitoes constantly when trying to cook or eat outdoors.
Her pal and Corrie co-star Antony Cotton was in tow to shoo away any unwanted attention.
Residents of the Martinsville section of Bridgewater, about 30 miles west of Newark, have grown spooked by the infestation and are considering some unconventional methods in trying to shoo away the birds, the New York Daily News reported.
Manila: A local government official tasked to shoo away illegal vendors was shot dead at his outpost in a major road in suburban Quezon City, police said.
First, I must shoo away some of the circling seagulls and pick out a few items.
"Most of the incidents have happened at night when residents tried to shoo away the dogs who bark loudly."
It's not the sort of thing you can shoo away. Enjoy the show.
They were still hooked to the rake but had stomped holes in the dirt with their feet to shoo away the flies.
Police sought in vain to shoo away bystanders and reporters amid fears that the building might collapse.
The researchers applied cloths containing the compounds to the outside of thick gloves worn by human volunteers and measured the length of time before each cloth lost its ability to shoo away mosquitoes.
In their early days these illustrious golfers needed on occasion to shoo away horses and cattle to play their shots because the course winds around the pleasant heathland of ancient Penn Common which gave locals grazing rights.