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Synonyms for shoestring

a lace used for fastening shoes

a small amount of money

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Posh on a shoestring If you're keen to have swanky food, cut down on staff costs by having canapes on tables, rather than having them served.
Mohammed adds: "Cooking in just three minutes, the launch of our Crunch Shoestring and Crunch Fast Food Fries enables operators to deliver great quality fries almost instantly that everyone can enjoy and even better can help boost profits at the same time."
Atonement (and Oscar-winning 'Darkest Hour') director Joe Wright has given the shoestring re-shoot his blessing.
They also secured the third-calved Shoestring Brooking Jenny VG86, a four-year-old that had calved on August 4, giving 40kg a day, for PS2,000.
Even though Marketing on a Shoestring Budget: A Guide for Small Museums and Historic Sites was intended for small museums and historic sites, this book was reviewed for anyone who is working in any small or resource-challenged library and in particular from the vantage point of librarians in the areas of medicine and the health sciences.
PAVE THE WAY IF YOUR urban garden has an old concrete path you want to renew on a shoestring, be warned that the cost of breaking it up and removing it may be high.
Gardening on a Shoestring: 100 Ways to Create a Garden on a Budget by Alex Mitchell is out now.
Cosmos (above) is just one of the plants that grows easily from seed says Alex Mitchell in her new book, Gardening On A Shoestring (top left)
The session will offer free advice and guidance, explain what financials they need to consider and how to market on a shoestring budget or no budget at all.
Tel Aviv, Israel, August 16, 2014 --( One of Chicago's top app developers Intersog announces a free webinar on “How to develop a highly competitive mobile product on a shoestring budget” that will be held on August 26, 2014, at 5 pm EEST/IST.
DOG SOLDIERS (E4, Tuesday, 10pm) SHOT on a shoestring budget, Neil Marshall's horror thriller is a mix of An American Werewolf In London and Aliens.
The TV series spin off which is now the UK's leading contemporary home show - Grand Designs Live - has launched a Self-Build on a Shoestring design ideas contest, in conjunction with the National Self Build Association (NaSBA).
First up, this is a respected theatrical event, not a hoe-down, so the shoestring tie affair is totally out of place.
The Afghan expatriates learned the game of cricket in Pakistan and then kept playing when they were finally able to return home, forming their national side on the most shoestring of shoestring budgets.
The seventh updated edition of Europe on a Shoestring is a fine, must-have travel planners for independent travelers who will benefit from the expert advice of 37 contributing authors who cover 45 countries throughout Europe.