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a shiny finish put on shoes with polish and buffing

the act of shining shoes

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Nova has now commenced permitting and extending areas of particular focus in line with our prioritised systematic exploration strategy across the Oxide Korbel, Oxide South, Oxide North, RPM, Shoeshine and Revelation prospects.
When he left the restaurant industry, he opened his shoeshine operation.
I was saved by grace and I feel the need to extend the same message of love andgrace to the inmates," Shoeshine says.Although the band is made up of seven active members, those are just the ones who get up on stage and perform.
Pink writes, "To the smart set, sales is an endeavor that requires little intellectual throw weight--a task for slick glad-handers who skate through life on a shoeshine and a smile"--and deception, of course.
UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, who introduced him, praised his rise from a shoeshine boy at the age of 12 to a much-loved two-term President, and used US President Barack Obama's words to describe him as "the most popular President in the world."
Schoonover (film studies, Michigan State U.) argues that the Italian neorealist school of cinema was interested in detailing the brutalized human body, and this interest underwrites the emergence of a new visual politics of liberal compassion the he calls "brutal humanism." He shows how Rossellini's 1945 Rome Open City, De Sica's 1946 Shoeshine and 1948 Bicycle Thieves, and other postwar Italian films used scenarios of physical suffering to dramatize the political stakes of vision and the need for an outside, extra-national eyewitness.
Other than pulling up an old-fashioned, imported-from-Italy shoeshine stand from the basement - and the noticeable absence of Mr.
So I stood at the gates of their conference centre in Birmingham last week sizing up footwear like an ageing shoeshine boy touting for trade.
A semi-contempo fairy tale about a shoeshine man who finds redemption helping an African stowaway in the titular Normandy harbor, pic takes place in the same retro-styled deadpan universe in which all Kaurismaki films dwell.
In 2005 Verna wrote, "My first memories are of Africa / I am not the Haitian you expected." She collected various kinds of objects produced by African Americans and Africans, and one of the objects she collected was nineteenth-and early twentieth-century shoeshine boxes.
PADAM Singh, the security officer of Mayawati who turned her shoeshine boy on February 6, is a decorated policeman.
A traditional shoeshine stall will see a team from the Emmanuel Church polishing away to raise funds for Shoes for Ethiopia -a charity initiated by Saltburn student Pippa Robson.
I'm inundated with costumed locals hawking craftwork and a shoeshine boy who, upon hearing I'm Canadian, flawlessly recites our prime ministers in reverse order dating back to Kim Campbell.
From pounds 899 shoeshine boys and the largest covered bazaar in the world.
The 78-year-old, white-haired Jesuit from South Bronx, N.Y., has spent nearly all of his priestly life with Ecuador's poor--the last 45 in Ouito among thousands of the city's "shoeshine boys."