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the shoemaker's trade

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Teodoro disclosed that TESDA Director General Isidro Lapena agreed to his proposition to include shoemaking in TESDA programs.
The City of Marikina is aiming to revive its footwear industry via the set up of a one-stop shop and the inclusion of shoemaking in the certification program of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda).
Marikina already offers shoemaking courses as part of its junior and senior high school programs, but having a school wholly devoted to the industry will be a key to sustaining its revitalization, he said.
On the other hand, he said that the shoemaking equipment for the school will be provided by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).
The Governor told the higher commissioner that contact is being made between the state government and British investors for the establishment of a shoemaking company in the state.
To further my shoemaking skills, I studied with William Shanor of Bonney & Wills Shoemaking.
Founded in 1879 in Northampton at the heart of Britain's shoemaking region, we have specialised in making Goodyearwelted shoes for 140 years.
That's because his parents had in the early 1970s set up a small-scale shoemaking business inside their modest family home in Marche, Italy.
Also taking part was Marquina Shoemaker, a shoemaking business that highlighted the famed shoemaking culture of Marikina City, which is known as the "Shoe Capital of the Philippines." Marquina Shoemaker co-founder Patrick Kahn explains the fine craftsmanship of the products.
Head teacher John Kinuthia said the proposed areas of learning are beadwork, embroidery, shoemaking and repair.
Their father, who suffers from asthma, works for a shoemaking company.
We wanted to build a brand whose core values lie in using timeless shoemaking techniques and combine them with latest trends and also provide us matched support for each shoe we craft.
Artisans from Sindh who received cash awards include Qadir Buksh in blue pottery, Saran in spinning wheel, Nadeemuddin Soomro, Bisham Lal in shoemaking, Shaukat Marwari, Krishan Laal Bheel, Rasul Baksh, and Hussain Bakhsh.
As I sit opposite him, interviewing him for a report, Abdullah is open and chatty, telling me how, during the 1980s, he learned shoemaking in a small town of Machh in Balochistan, some 50 kilometres southeast of Quetta.