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without shoes

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Still, very steadfastly and quietly walking towards it, a peaceful figure too in the landscape, went Mademoiselle Hortense, shoeless, through the wet grass.
In process of time, thanks to his intimate knowledge of drill and musketry exercise, the excellent Mulcahy, wearing the corporal's stripe, went out in a troopship and joined Her Majesty's Royal Loyal Musketeers, commonly known as the "Mavericks," because they were masterless and unbranded cattle - sons of small farmers in County Clare, shoeless vagabonds of Kerry, herders of Ballyvegan, much wanted "moonlighters" from the bare rainy headlands of the south coast, officered by O'Mores, Bradys, Hills, Kilreas, and the like.
But his heart yearned towards the child, for the love of those same shoeless and stockingless boys, predestined (by the Alderman) to turn out bad, who might have been the children of poor Meg.
His shoeless left foot appeared swollen and bandaged.
The unnamed woman was left vomiting uncontrollably when she was struck on the foot as she walked shoeless from Llangennith beach in South Wales.
Salinger from the novel, Shoeless Joe), Graham really existed, appearing in just a single game for John McGraw's New York Giants.
Shoeless Joe's Ale House & Grille, which closed its original Rosemont location last month after three decades, is planning to reopen three miles away in Schiller Park.
P." Kinsella OC OBC (May 25, 1935--September 16, 2016) was a Canadian novelist and short story writer, known for his novel Shoeless Joe (1982), which was adapted into the movie Field of Dreams in 1989.
And his 1970 wedding snaps with wife Jennifer show him proudly shoeless.
We're forced to shuffle around shoeless through endless security checks, be frisked and have cartons of apple juice and our tweezers confiscated, yet a drone can happily whizz about and ruin Christmas plans for so many people.
Their new book, Shoeless Soccer: Fixing the System and Winning the World Cup (Carlo Celli), is inspired by that experience, and by Pele, the greatest soccer player of all time, who was known as "The Shoeless One." He grew up so poor in Brazil that he played in the street without footwear or even a ball--he used a sock filled with rags.
The photo, taken at approximately 11.30am on August 8, 1969 by freelance snapper Iain Macmillan from atop a 10ft ladder, shows John Lennon in an all-white suit followed by Ringo Starr, a shoeless Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
The early 1900s give us Babe Ruth's paternity suit and Shoeless Joe Jackson's perjury arrest.
We will lend our hand to nurture life to a parched land of neglect, insensitivity and exploitation so that the starving, shirtless and shoeless will eventually have their redemption over time from social injustice without waiting for electoral circuses coming to town, Olalia said.
There's a touching image trending on social media showing a gentleman offering his sandals to a young shoeless child.