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wearing footgear


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Visitors can also find out about the role ponies and horses played in mining through the centuries and meet Eric, Ernie and Finn in the stable yard and see them being shoed and groomed.
Funds investing in Russian stocks again shoed capital outflow.
Most business culture largely remains unchanged--the majority of organisations are closed, secretive, shoed, slow to change and deeply hierarchical.
The spirituality department is not shoed in our organization.
His glorious political career virtually came to an end in December 2009 after he was forced to resign as the Andhra Pradesh governor following a sting operation which shoed him in a compromising position with three alleged sex workers.
If you think that sounds like she's going to be treading on Mary Queen of Shops' immaculately shoed toes, you'd be dead right.
Priest Paul Georges said that the world has experienced Syria more than once and every time it shoed that it is stronger through resisting the colonist projects.
And again in Little Green Bat, in which the layered lace of a headless torso, from which sprout five legs (three of them shoed in golden heels), lies on the ground next to a tree stump and the all-but-unnoticed form of the titular bat.
The answer to question about sector in which the father works shoed that that 39% of the fathers work for the local government, and 35% work for the federal government.
Thank goodness King Kenny didn't meet up with the white patent shoed radio taxi driver I had the luck to draw when taking me from Seef to Budaiya exactly a week ago.
He shoed grave concern over the deteriorating line situation in Pakistan target killing in Karachi, bad governance, corruption and existing political situation.
Entering Jerusalem beyond the apartheid wall on Palm sunday shoed what popular resistance can achieve.
Worked uniform, stints in CID, plain clothes teams where we shoed in doors looking for bars of cannabis, heroin baggies, crystalline lumps of base amphetamine.
He has a string of nine at the 52-box yard - where the horses are shoed by his older brother Liam, a farrier in Carlisle as well as a regular work-rider - and is looking forward to his latest challenge.