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wearing footgear


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Highlighting the objective of farmers financial literacy & awareness programs he said that the program shoed the commitment of the state Bank and banking sector to develop the agriculture sector at grass root level.
These shiny shoed, quick smiling insurance quote machines have successfully set the bar low for our profession.
But I might have imagined my own speed from the people who passed me like pages in a flipbook; mamas with bananas on their heads, vendors carting cages of birds and monkeys, the crocodile leather pointy shoed bureaucrats.
Visitors can also find out about the role ponies and horses played in mining through the centuries and meet Eric, Ernie and Finn in the stable yard and see them being shoed and groomed.
Funds investing in Russian stocks again shoed capital outflow.
14 November 2012 -- Seattle, USA-based real estate broker Redfin said that its Real-Time Home Price Tracker for October 2012 shoed home sales increasing 21.
Most business culture largely remains unchanged--the majority of organisations are closed, secretive, shoed, slow to change and deeply hierarchical.
The spirituality department is not shoed in our organization.
His glorious political career virtually came to an end in December 2009 after he was forced to resign as the Andhra Pradesh governor following a sting operation which shoed him in a compromising position with three alleged sex workers.
But the horse he shoed then followed me And kicked me - with my shoe
If you think that sounds like she's going to be treading on Mary Queen of Shops' immaculately shoed toes, you'd be dead right.
Thank goodness King Kenny didn't meet up with the white patent shoed radio taxi driver I had the luck to draw when taking me from Seef to Budaiya exactly a week ago.
back to reservation to Topaz or Skull Valley shoed by difference
He shoed grave concern over the deteriorating line situation in Pakistan target killing in Karachi, bad governance, corruption and existing political situation.