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a person who polishes shoes and boots


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I may as well confess that we were at all times pretty mediocre dishwashers, shoeblacks without ambition, at best conscientious sorcerers and the only unquestionable record that we broke was that of endurance under the chicote [whip].
Although it initially claimed that "even shoeblacks of the Fifteenth Amendment persuasion had draped their establishments in black," the Bulletin conceded that the mourning decorations were evident almost exclusively in the neighborhoods of "our fairer citizens.
We see shoeblacks and lamplighters with their tools and utensils; and milkmaids, fruit sellers and prostitutes touting their wares.
The workers in the background during Bloom's travels, sliding in and out of his consciousness--pawnbrokers, police, or shoeblacks, telegram boys, and cabbies--reflect either the extent of Dublin's recession, or the imbalance between the rich and poor.