shoe bomb

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an explosive device concealed inside the heel and sole of a shoe

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He was part of another plot to blow up a jet in 2001 using also a shoe bomb, but he backed out at the last minute.
Upon exiting the lavatory, al-Madadi was asked by a member of the cabin staff what he had been doing and is alleged in some reports to have remarked that he was trying to ignite a shoe bomb.
Both are improvements over Richard Reid's shoe bomb in 2001, which required a lit fuse.
THE STORY: Journalist Mariane Pearl (Jolie) is six months' pregnant when her Wall Street Journal reporter husband Daniel Pearl (Futterman) is kidnapped in Karachi while chasing a lead in the failed shoe bomb terrorist case.
These included the shoe bomb famously smuggled onto an American Airlines flight to Miami by London-born Richard Reid.
A British suicide bomber who admitted plotting to blow up a passenger jet with a shoe bomb will be sentenced today.
Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism chief last night hailed a "very important conviction" after a British suicide bomber admitted plotting to blow up a passenger jet with a shoe bomb.
A BRITISH suicide bomber yesterday admitted plotting to blow up a passenger jet with a shoe bomb.
Intelligence services believed Badat had been conspiring with fellow Briton, shoe bomber Richard Reid, who is in jail in America for trying to ignite a shoe bomb on board a US-bound jet.
12) ABC News, "Al-Qaeda Link: Sources say Shoe Bomb Suspect and '20th Hijacker' had Contact," December 26, 2001, http://abcnews.
ANTI-Terror chiefs believe they have foiled a Christmas shoe bomb attack on an airliner, The People can reveal.
However, Markey has pointed out that the shoe bomb worn by Richard Reid contained only 10 ounces of plastic explosives, while 11 ounces to a pound of Semtex plastic explosives was used in the Lockerie bombing.
Richard Reid's shoe bomb proably would have made it past a battalion of Ph.