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having a shock (or untidy mass) of hair

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"Dad would then vigorously de-grease his hands onto my poor brother's hair, producing a shock-headed appearance.
Producers also had to scrap a scene they tested in which shock-headed duo Bert and Ernie barked at each other.
It's a sunny day in Sicily, the cars on the grid for practice, a shock-headed Gubby in dark glasses standing with a bare-chested Clark and fellow driver John Taylor.
13, cult group the Tiger Lillies, best known for providing the musical component in Off Broadway's "Shock-headed Peter," begin a three-day run at St.
Lunch brought out her full band, which featured Edwards again, along with two members of the Shock-Headed Peters.
Now, being a little boy, I knew the lessons of life taught in one of my favorite books, Struwwelpeter (Shock-Headed Peter, or Slovenly Peter).
Brother Paul James Corrigan Dad George Drennan Lucy Helen Mallon Mum Anita Vettesse Wolves Ewan Hunter, Neil McNulty, Sharon Smith, Jessica Tomchak The Wolves in the Walls" lives up to a classy pedigree: In 2005, the ever-resourceful Improbable company brought eccentric musicians the Tiger Lillies to Off Broadway with a stage version of the scary children's stories in "Shock-headed Peter." Now, Improbable artistic director Julian Crouch follows the same tot-terrorizing impulse with a thrilling, frequently beautiful stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's merrily creepy picture book.
Such stage wizardry is only to be expected from director Phelim McDermott and designer Julian Crouch, creators of the utterly dissimilar but equally imaginative "Shock-headed Peter." All that, and lighting from two-time Olivier winner Paule Constable.
Multiple wins were achieved by "The Play What I Wrote," the sleeper success that took best comedy and supporting actor (Toby Jones), and "Shock-headed Peter," the so-called "junk opera" that won for best entertainment and supporting performance in a musical or entertainment (Martyn Jacques).
Besides Davies, the director category includes "Kiss Me, Kate's" Blakemore, who already has a Tony for the Cole Porter revival; Ian Rickson for "Mouth to Mouth"; Michael Boyd, for the "Henry VI" trilogy plus "Richard III" at the RSC; and Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch for "Shock-headed Peter," the so-called "junk opera" that received five noms.
That's the opening image of "Spirit," the latest and utterly beguiling lark from the troupe behind "70 Hill Street," "Lifegame" and (to some extent, anyway) the ongoing West End sleeper "Shock-headed Peter." But "Spirit" -- Improbable's seventh show in less than five years -- marches to its own richly idiosyncratic step: It posits a lunatic landscape with, glory of glories, a soul to match.
Two Canadian premieres are the self-pro-claimed "junk opera" "Shock-headed Peter," which makes its only Canuck appearance, and St.