shock troops

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soldiers who are specially trained and armed to lead an assault

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The Cold War era CIA method was to either assassinate leaders the United States did not like because of the former's ties to the Soviet Union, or else send shock troops (local Islamists) to create instability.
"The idea of shock troops wearing enemy uniforms, as they had in the Low Countries, is fascinating.
Shock Troops are a Portland- based tribute act that will cover songs by various punk rock groups.
Telemundo has made it sound as if TV Azteca owner Carlos Salinas Pliego sent in his private shock troops to break up the reality show, which features competish between 14-year-old girls.
The Pentagon knew that this was a risk from the outset of Operation Enduring Freedom in October 2001, when it chose the Northern Alliance to serve as shock troops, because those armies and militias were all drawn from the non-Pashtun populations.
The Austrian defender has joined Paul Jewell's Premiership shock troops in a pounds 2.5million move from Norway's Brann Bergen.
More likely, they will become the new shock troops of the international jihadist movement."
"The shock troops of the village elders are now battering at the gates of the fortress of marriage," he writes.
Created in WW II as a kind of experimental shock troops, it is one of the few wartime divisions to survive in today's vastly reduced army.
Unlike the Army's Rangers, who trained principally as light infantry "shock troops," the Green Berets focused on unconventional missions, such as training another country's military.
The researchers traced the immune onslaught to shock troops known as CD8 T cells.
O'Malley has devoted much of his distinguished career to moving beyond older notions of "Counter-Reformation" and even "Catholic reform" to a more comprehensive view of "early modern Catholicism." Older constructs, often colored by confessional biases and focusing on the Inquisition, the Council of Trent, papal monarchy, and Jesuit "shock troops," tended to underscore the failures of a monolithic and repressive Catholic church fighting to overcome Protestantism.
We are not recruiting shock troops for embattled greens.
One of the techniques of so-called viral marketing is to identify the "coolest" kids in a particular grade school, the ones other kids are likely to emulate, and distribute a new toy among them through the disingenuous format of a "marketing survey." Yep, your innocent children are being used as shock troops in the frontlines of the marketing wars.
For years it was a stock phrase of the Religious Right, recited frequently by men such as Pat Robertson and his shock troops. Now, unfortunately, it has spread beyond the confines of America's modern-day Puritans.