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[USA], Aug 16 ( ANI ): Older people receiving electric shock therapy, also known as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), to combat the blues of age will need an additional treatment if insomnia is one of their symptoms, according to a recent study.
Naomi Klein's Shock Therapy chillingly traces the origins of a 70-year-old economic doctrine, starting from the lab of a psychiatrist who, despite all evidence to the contrary, was convinced that electric shock therapy was the future of psychiatric medicine.
Cal reluctantly teams up with a leukaemia patient to work together to raise money for charity by producing a nude calendar, while Charlie finds Louis trying to take heroin and takes him to see the body of a dead addict for shock therapy.
What shocked me was learning that electric shock therapy is still being done in mental institutions here and abroad.
Summary: Krzysztof Dabrowski, minister counsellor at the Ministry of Economy, PolandThe post "Shock therapy helped streamline Poland's economic policies" appeared first on Big Project Middle East.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2014-"Shock therapy" urged for French economy by employer group
On a bare stage, a pair of hospital orderlies prepare a woman for electroconvulsive shock therapy.
Rajan also set a+consumer price inflation (CPI) target of 8% for January 2015 and 6% for January 2016, adding that RBI will not administer shock therapy to a weak economy and would aim to bring down prices over time.
But after some hesitation he rejected "shock therapy," the neoliberal strategy promoted by the World Bank and the IMF and embraced by the oppositional forces around Boris Yeltsin, a former member of the bureaucratic elite who was elected President of the Russian Republic in 1991.
He said that administration of 'shock therapy' to a weak economy was not advisable.
Armenia's transition to the compulsory pension contribution system is a "shock therapy", Levon Zurabyan, Head of
Approach to Devaluation: Shock Therapy Vs Gradualism?
Mental hospital where Zelda Fitzgerald spent her last days provides real-life backdrop to tale of lust among the lost and shock therapy.
Shock Therapy then uses highpressure acoustic waves to help eliminate the dead fat cells and remove fibroid cells or cellulite.
New BOJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda on Thursday promised to inject about $1.4 trillion into the Japanese economy in less than two years and committed the bank to open-ended asset buying, a dose of shock therapy officials hope will end two decades of stagnation.