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Synonyms for shmooze

(Yiddish) a warm heart-to-heart talk

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The three-day convention represents a chance for candidates of all levels to shmooze with party volunteers and seek endorsements, and for the party to agree on its platform for the year.
Red alert" meant workers were forbidden to leave their desks, to shmooze, stretch, go to the bathroom.
they [the media] can totally shmooze our stories, like, they interviewed me once on unemployment and what's causing it.
The Con has essentially evolved into California's Cannes, where celebrities and filmmakers show up to shmooze an audience of fickle critics they may not be able to connect with, or even understand.
McCain's image as a closet liberal-like his image as an outsider when he is the chairman of the Senate commerce committee and the son and grandson of admirals-has been constructed out of pure wishful thinking, encouraged, as many have noted, by the tireless fawning of reporters drunk with joy at finding at last a candidate who will shmooze with them and flatter their vanity and forgive them for not having gone to Vietnam.
All applicants must be able to shmooze well, and accept absolutely no responsibility when things go wrong.
THIS IS SHMOOZE SEASON in Hollywood--that frenzied time when back-to-back cocktail parties and dinners are hurriedly mobilized and when all sorts of people, from stars to studio chiefs, suddenly become your best friend.
But The Dawn Of The Replicants - named after the androids in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner film - would rather spend a night in the local bingo hall than shmooze with the stars at London's ultra-trendy Groucho Club.
He is among a growing group of new and experienced investors who are turning to the Internet and on-line services to trade, learn and generally shmooze about stocks and other securities.
Beeson, like other industry figures, cites the lack of an attractive centralized congregating point where delegates can booze and shmooze together as one of the drawbacks of the London fest.
MSPs, their hangers-on and their civil servants, will shmooze in a Parliament of the pampered.
Others in the shmooze included Allison Janney, James Cromwell, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Mindy Sterling, and Tori Spelling.