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merchandise that is shoddy or inferior

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Lopez is simply too beautiful to be taken for real, and Banderas likewise cannot leave behind his image as Latin Lover; once teen idol Juanes appears on the screen, the director's good intentions turn into outright shlock. It is perhaps no accident that the film will screen in European cinemas immediately following the festival but as of yet has found no distributor in Mexico or the United States, where its message--the only thing that may possibly redeem it--needs to be heard most urgently.
But he said he didnt want to do it because he didnt want to do shlock.
Songs such as God This Hurts and Do You Mind (If I Cry?) are full of angst, while Excuse All The Blood and Rot In Heaven are the stuff of B-movie shlock and roll.
All the visual cues suggest a formative attachment by the artist to best (worst, depending on your perspective) shlock horror the eighties had to offer.
ON THE MORNING OF JUNE 22, 1995, to the total astonishment of the people working and walking on Hollywood Boulevard--the sales clerks of a hundred shlock emporiums, the stoners, the runaways, and the crowds of ever-bewildered tourists who had trekked to the heart of Hollywood in search of glamour only to find one of Los Angeles' most depressing neighborhoods--a sinkhole fully 80 feet wide suddenly opened in the middle of the street.
BUT this isn't cheap old shlock like Footballers' Wives.
He said We have some contemporary art which was not shock or shlock. It was first-rate knock-you-out stuff.''
Inside, there's a minimum of clutter and the usual tasting room shlock. Instead of tasting while standing at the counter, there is table service with a bite of food if you wish.
Which is appropriate, as Robert Englund has built a career - and a small fortune - out of playing Freddy Krueger, the razor-slashing fiend, in seven Nightmare On Elm Street shlock horror movies.
Well, danken Got, at least we didn't hear Wellington's Victory, and other shlock like that.
But so far, contemporary science fiction has produced only shlock in this area.
For a most unique taste of the profits and Jewish music, one cannot miss listening to the newest "Shlock Rock" album entitled, "Shlock Rock meets the Prophets," -- a exceptional way to experience the history of the Jewish nation by singing one's way through the history of Ruth, David & Goliath, Yona and the Whale, the Western Wall and more.
The claim to fame of this shlock horror thriller is that it spawned the "video nasty" hysteria of the '80s.
In these fast paced times of post-modern pan-Indian cultural shock (maybe shlock would be a better word) the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre has taken a strong stance.
When he embraced klezmer music, London was also refusing "all the shlock, all the shmaltz, all the things about Jewish music that never interested me, all the Israeli music, all the Yiddish theater music, about all that sentimentality." Not roots and heritage, but technical challenge, fun, and the market drove his initial interest in the music, much as it did his captivation with jazz.