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Synonyms for shivery

Synonyms for shivery

marked by or affected with tremors

marked by a low temperature

Synonyms for shivery

cold enough to cause shivers

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provoking fear terror

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Shivery added that going forward NU expects to revisit its dividend levels in the first quarter of each year.
Shivery said NU's 2009 earnings guidance reflects a number of factors, including a smaller capital program in 2009 than in 2008.
This year's recipients are Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Northeast Utilities Chairman Charles Shivery.
Our electric operating companies provide critical infrastructure for nearly 2 million customers, and we continue to invest heavily to maintain reliable systems, but economic conditions continue to weigh on the returns of their distribution businesses," Shivery said.
Shivery reported that the Board of Trustees approved a 6.
Shivery provided the following update on three major infrastructure projects now under construction in southwest Connecticut:
CPS provides wholesale power marketing and risk management services nationwide," Shivery added, "and these long-term contracts with EUA are consistent with our strategy to target customers in developing, competitive energy markets.
He'd turn all shivery and twitchy (7) 3 Runs off with the special gin when taking care of patients (7) 4 Sounds like a gangster's girl in a US shopping complex (4) 5 Drove all over the place for sole or port (5) 6 Una McLean reveals it's all washed up (5) 7 Paid attention to Len's diet - it's unbalanced (8) 12 The remains of a fire from Alabama's hurricane (3) 13 Was Norm always cutting back, in the usual way?
DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS IN ADDITION to the above, according to the NHS Choices website, those suffering with flu will also experience symptoms like sudden fever and sweating, feeling shivery, more severe muscle aches and pains, and a dry, chesty cough.
70 an hour Cost of a pint: Only 60p WOLVERHAMPTON Average temperature: A shivery 8.
She also had a dull ache in her back and felt shivery.
February 11, 2013: Liverpool 0-2 WBA (McAuley 81, Lukaku 90) - A remarkable double was completed by Steve Clarke's Baggies at Anfield on a shivery Monday night in 2013.
As the two shared fruit cake and tea around a coal fire, here was the ghost story in all its shivery splendour.
I remember once, when I was a young apprentice at Hopkinsons in Birkby in the 1950s, I started the week feeling decidedly off-medicines - a dose fancy colour and by Tuesday felt really ill and shivery, probably sickening for 'flu.
But days later she began to feel shivery and her body ached.