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If you have a junky camera, don't be afraid of the weird, shitty images.
In the first room of the Nieuwe Kerk the huge photograph Shitty by Gilbert and George reminds visitors of the modern aversion towards Christianity.
Final standings: 1 Nasser Hassan, 2 Nabeel Khalifa, 3 Mohammed Falah, 4 Shaker Daraj, 5 Ahmed Al Noiami, 6 Mohammed Al Shitty, 7 Raed Ahmed, 8 Ali Qaseer, 9 Ahmed A.
Like an aural eight ball, the songs make you feel sexy and a bit shitty.
After decolonization, Algeria mutates for the protagonist from part of Europe into "this shitty country"--an epithet that we have to take literally because of several learned asides on the use and composition of human feces in the country.
I wanted my shitty old job back, my shitty old life back home.
Violence begets violence and the culturally dispossessed always get the shitty end of the stick.
Anyone else noted that this new Wembley is going to be a stunning, state-of-the art stadium, Wales has the super Millennium Stadium and we are stuck with shitty old Hampden?
Tell them life's too short for shitty beer," he says.
Bagle is a shitty guy, he opens a backdoor and he makes a lot of money.
If I can say, "The service in this place has been really shitty," and thus influence who's going to use it in the future, that's going to give me more power.
But that's the reality Alonzo wants Hoyt to come to terms with, that narcotics work is down and dirty, and at times, as shitty as the people you're dealing with.
They really got into it, but of couse it got shitty reviews, because you always get shitty reviews in Canada, unless you do something completely middle-of-the-road or you do it in New York and London and the critics liked it there first.
As an adult, she credits her ability to "work in one shitty institution after another" to the fact that such places are familiar, "a little like home.