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It was shitty people from other places who came here and forced them out.
Years later you go, "What a shitty show," but at the time it was great.
You are dead and I cant believe how shitty this world is.
Final standings: 1 Nasser Hassan, 2 Nabeel Khalifa, 3 Mohammed Falah, 4 Shaker Daraj, 5 Ahmed Al Noiami, 6 Mohammed Al Shitty, 7 Raed Ahmed, 8 Ali Qaseer, 9 Ahmed A.
Like an aural eight ball, the songs make you feel sexy and a bit shitty.
A controversial catchphrase for Swansea, coined for a Year of Literature competition - a "pretty, shitty city" - certainly put the cat among the Castle Square pigeons.
Tell them life's too short for shitty beer," he says.
Bagle is a shitty guy, he opens a backdoor and he makes a lot of money.
If he thinks we never review shitty films, I'll send him a tape of our show "Worst Films of 2003.
But that's the reality Alonzo wants Hoyt to come to terms with, that narcotics work is down and dirty, and at times, as shitty as the people you're dealing with.
The French Ambassador to the United Kingdom is reported to have referred to Israel as "that shitty little country," further asking "Why should we be in danger of World War III because of these people?
They really got into it, but of couse it got shitty reviews, because you always get shitty reviews in Canada, unless you do something completely middle-of-the-road or you do it in New York and London and the critics liked it there first.
His face was a scraggle of whiskers, and the first thing Margaret Thomas said from her hospital bed was, "Go shave off that shitty beard
If, less Hispanically proud, he'd been able to say something as simple as "Don't do this to me" or "Look, you don't have to play shitty games with me," that would have given me a chance to make him see the truth--that the empty seat was not mine to give.