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This term, shithead, metaphorically denotes the doer of the misdeed as having "a head full of shit.
The notorious scene in which Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) forces sex on Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) while inhaling an unnamed gas begins with her "Hello, baby"--to which he replies, "It's daddy, you shithead.
Bow down to the godfathers of HC and the power that is Joey Shithead.
And along comes old Hilton, with a huge amount of jealousy, envy, homophobia, and racism in tow, and gives us the real Frank: a shithead, a drunk, a shallow poet, very surface-y, cruel, given to self-love.
Darius: I don't meet many bastards, but I come in contact with them every day--just stupid bastard shithead motherfuckers.
Responding to these heated exhortations, the 15 or so of us pledges lay on the floor making rat-a-tat-tat sounds while firing our anti-air guns at the imaginary enemy"They're gone you shitheads.
In the microcosmic world of vinyl--yeah shitheads, records still sound better--there are a few reissues that had better make you stand up and pay attention.
I fucking hate it, and there was a backstage area in the warehouse and there were these fucking shitheads back there in white suits doing cocaine and I just wanted to take a baseball bat and wipe 'em all out.
One of the elbow-rubbing shitheads asked about Ozzy drinking again.
No, but me and Anita have our own bikes and last time we went to the movies we came out and some shitheads stole our bike seats, so we had to ride our bikes home without seats.