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a brief addendum at the end of a newspaper article

fabric forming the tail of a shirt

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Many times I have felt a small hand come to rest on my arm or tug on my shirttail.
Options include sealed bearings with less shirttail protection, open bearing or mill tooth cutters.
In chapter seven (281-82), Cide Hamete's Averroism (the Second Author calls him "filosofo mahometico" in part two, chapter fifty-three) is part and parcel of a "mocking of religion" encompassing three specific moments from part one: the shirttail rosary with which Don Quixote does penance in Sierra Morena; parallels between the oxcart used to transport Don Quixote at the end of part one and a cart used by the Philistines to transport the Ark of the Covenant; and Dulcinea/Aldonza's powerful voice from atop a tower calling her father's workers, which Johnson compares to the muezzin who calls the faithful to prayer from the minaret of a masque.
As one of its citizens, I would like to see the industrial revolution spirit returning to power this country back on track to prosperity, and letting go of the shirttail of an EU made bankrupt by corporate bankers is a start.
A shirttail cousin to the starfish, the anchored, filter-feeding organism sports what looks like a flowerlike fan above a stalk that can be a half-meter long.
The door was open, in that small-town way, and as Buck stood before the map, he was aware that on the wall behind him was his brother's shirttail, cut off, decades ago, by their daddy, who'd come out to the airstrip to watch his eldest boy ace the solo test.
Bowers makes it sound as if the public employes are riding the shirttail of private employees.
The PDA-Personal Defense Accessory holster can be worn exposed without a jacket or loose shirttail, and features safe quick-draw capability, is lightweight and comfortable, ideal for left- and right-handed shooters and is laser-sight friendly.
I further attempted to obscure it by pulling out half of my shirttail, which I then gripped tightly with my right hand.
Never clean optics with a shirttail, rag or while using standard glass cleaner with ammonia.
One man even asked if he could use my shirttail to wipe off his glasses.
Shirts are held tight against the worked-out body by a pair of garter belts known as shirt stays that go between shirttail and socks, under the pants (and wears away leg hair in patches where it chafes).
While a young, active duty NCO may think nothing of calling one of his troops a "knucklehead" and ordering him do twenty push-ups for a loose shirttail, a Reservist, Guardsman, Sailor, or Airman on the receiving end of the correction might take issue.