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a brief addendum at the end of a newspaper article

fabric forming the tail of a shirt

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Many times I have felt a small hand come to rest on my arm or tug on my shirttail.
Options include sealed bearings with less shirttail protection, open bearing or mill tooth cutters.
I further attempted to obscure it by pulling out half of my shirttail, which I then gripped tightly with my right hand.
Never clean optics with a shirttail, rag or while using standard glass cleaner with ammonia.
One man even asked if he could use my shirttail to wipe off his glasses.
While a young, active duty NCO may think nothing of calling one of his troops a "knucklehead" and ordering him do twenty push-ups for a loose shirttail, a Reservist, Guardsman, Sailor, or Airman on the receiving end of the correction might take issue.
The Shirttail unit (43[degrees] 34' N, 103[degrees] 29' W; 374 ha) was burned in 1991 on the WICA site, and overlapped two management boundaries.
He stuffed his shirttail into the waistband of his pants.
He stuffed his shirttail into his pants and walked up to the witness stand," Vashti later wrote in One Woman's Fight, "and he was pretty cute as he swiveled around in his chair and answered questions honestly and without any show of nervousness at all.
Suddenly Phoebe discovers that she has a shirttail cousin and he's coming to live with them because of her uncle's irresponsibility.
My intent from the start was to go national, hoping to ride Obama Girl's skimpy shirttail.
I knew our writing-center community had congealed into something marvelous when I walked in one day to find one of our more conservative ROTC captains, sleeve rolled up, and one of our more punked-out peer tutors, shirttail raised, comparing tattoos.
If it has a sharp edge and you find yourself catching a shirttail on it, find some pliers and bend it in out of the way.
He was the kid whose school tie was always undone or missing, whose shirttail was never tucked.