shire town

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the town or city that is the seat of government for a shire

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They include the Ivy Bush pub on Hagley Road, Edgbaston - near the towers and bearing the name he gave to the tavern in the Shire town Hobbiton.
Moran is from Shotts, and made no secret of the fact that he never wanted the small Lanark- shire town to be linked to Liddell's power base in Airdrie when constituency boundaries altered.
The elderly were targeted in North York shire towns in a series of distraction thefts last August, York crown court heard.
Mr Willet said: "There is a lot of land coming forward in many of the mid-market shire towns, as a result of the requirement under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) for local authorities to demonstrate a fiveyear rolling supply of housing land.
We believe the current draft policy is weak and would pave the way for a shift in the focus away from urban areas to the periphery and shire towns beyond the green belt," he said.
Big cities tend to command more attention than shire towns and villages, and they obviously have a much higher population.
This is not about "trickle down" or the "exclusion of shire towns and the rural areas" as was reported in your article.
We have to be able to demonstrate we can do all of this without excluding the shire towns and the rural areas.
It is more than understandable if potential buyers want to live in the beautiful shire towns of the West Midlands.
Sadly, it is now to be expected in many places, including some of the traditionally more genteel shire towns and cathedral cities, as well as major city centres.
Warwick and Leamington, two of the most prosperous shire towns in the Midlands, would seem natural territory to mop up a Tory revival, if such a thing is going to happen.
If this can be achieved then, along with available urban capacity within shire towns, this will limit the need to identify any further greenfield land other than that currently coming forward in development plans,' says the draft planning guidance prepared by the chamber.