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British breed of large heavy draft horse

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They had a haulage company known as 'Rawlins Bros' which was based in Birmingham and used around 150 shire horses to help construct roads, buildings and canals some of which are still in use today.
The Shire horses collected donations on their travels to raise PS25,000 to buy two new horses to take over from them when they retire.
Visitors will be able to see Shire horses and oxen as they plough the land in displays and demonstrations.
And even in the 21st century the removal of timber from some areas of Farnley Tyas is better carried out by the Shire horse rather than cumbersome and intrusive machines.
Yet the Shire horse could easily get there and pull the felled timber back to the yard and the sawmills.
There is something about shire horses that everybody loves - they are so large and gentle and capture everyone's attention.
The Shire horses are the latest addition to the growing collection of rare breed farm animals at Mary Arden's Farm, which includes the curly-haired Mangalitza pigs, and breeds of cattle, sheep and goats that would have been more familiar to people of the middle ages.
A new shire horse foal was born just a couple of weeks ago but already stands at more than 4ft tall and has plenty of room to grow.
Shire horses Major and Ben, from Wykin Shires near Hinckley, are among the attractions along with a stunning Victoria carriage used for weddings by owner Ann Tomlin.
Next Saturday's John Smith's Grand National has attracted a record entry, but 2006 looks set to be massive after champion trainer Martin Pipe confirmed he was working with shire horse Cracker.
WATCHING an item about Shire Horses on television, it struck me footballers are very similar.
ASDA Hartlepool hosted a John Smiths brewery dray, complete with two shire horses and Georgian fancy dress.
It's where he raised fruit, grain and vegetables, as well as pigs, English shire horses, cattle and other livestock.
Mr Banham, who keeps 27 pedigree shire horses at his stud farm, said: "He is a very handsome foal and should grow up to be a great stallion.
Shire horses are usually on their feet within an hour of birth, but Bromford was too weak to find his feet.