shire horse

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British breed of large heavy draft horse

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They had a haulage company known as 'Rawlins Bros' which was based in Birmingham and used around 150 shire horses to help construct roads, buildings and canals some of which are still in use today.
The saddle slipped right back on the shire horse, the girth moved markedly and he suddenly turned into a bucking bronco.
However we don't have any male shire horses here so we had to send her away to stud.
Shire horses are usually on their feet within an hour of birth, but Bromford was too weak to find his feet.
Kath Sanders, secretary of North Wales Shire Horse Society, said: "Unlike other horse shows, the open day is all about the promotion of the Shire horse as well as other working equine breeds.
Today the Shire Horse Society T processes about 500 registrations annually.
11) he would see a picture on page 31 of a go slow protest against rising fuel costs that was held in Salford, Greater Manchester, which was led by a shire horse and cart.
Pupils from Moor Edge Primary School in North Tyneside laid newspapers, letters, drawings, a school jumper and photographs at The Shire Horse in Killingworth.
Thousands of visitors basked in the sunshine at Blyth Hall to enjoy a range of entertainment including a dog show and shire horse and medieval bird of prey displays.
By far the biggest grant goes to the Shire Horse Society, which will receive pounds 40,900, compared to pounds 3,700 for the Highland Pony Society, the least-endowed pony group.
Asking the owner of a shire horse and rag 'n' bone cart to report back to his vehicle and then following it up with the Steptoe theme was a small slice of genius.
FIREFIGHTERS battled for almost seven hours to free a one-tonne shire horse trapped up to its neck in a bog.
The three-year-old shire horse was in a very poor condition and on veterinary advice was put to sleep.
The 141st show at the village's showground next weekend also features dog agility from the Rotherham Rockets Flyball Team and some rare Shire Horse foals.
Yet the Shire horse could easily get there and pull the felled timber back to the yard and the sawmills.