shipping fever

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a deadly form of septicemia in cattle and sheep

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He almost died from shipping fever but he's a hardy customer.
That was Ulundi's first run since recovering from a bout of shipping fever which he suffered when sent to race in Hong Kong.
More recently, ARS announced development of an oral vaccine against shipping fever of cattle.
The loss of animals due to shipping fever costs Canadian livestock producers almost $1 billion annually, according to AgWest Biotech, Inc.
The stress of shipping and the causative organism of shipping fever must both be present to start the disease, and these organism-- both viral and bacterial, and in combination--are many.
Gone To LunchEUROs reappearance is the first concern, however, for Camilla reveals: EUR[pounds sterling]He suffered shipping fever on his way back from Ayr and nearly died EUR" no-one knows the cause, but itEUROs a form of pneumonia that affects the horseEUROs lungs.