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someone who owns a ship or a share in a ship

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Temisan Omatseye a former DG of NIMASA who is also a Shipowner pointed out that there is a lot of benefit in the CIF trade term.
The President expressed satisfaction over the decision to set up a shipping under secretariat in March 2018, which would work closely with the private sector and would enhance efforts to attract more shipowners and companies.
Alan Wilson Due to shipowners continuing to face tough market conditions, North Group has not asked for any premium rate increases in the February 2017 renewals and also returned 5% of mutual premium to members for the 2016 policy year.
While the Cassation Court was considering the appeal filed by the shipowners, the Insurers filed a case against the shipowners in order to claim the amount paid by the Insurers to the Receiver, pursuant to the foregoing proceedings in which the judgement was issued in favour of the Receiver and the execution claim filed by the Recievers against the Insurers.
Greek shipowners dominant role in world trade faces little threat from the financial turmoil that's roiling the Mediterranean country, according to analysts who monitor the nation's maritime industry.
The Court of Appeals earlier ruled that the Code of Commerce provisions on the liability of shipowners and ship captains state that a captain "has control over all departments of service in the vessel, and reasonable discretion as to its navigation.
German and Greek shipowners, who still send around 80% of their end-of-life vessels to beaches in South-East Asia for dismantling, are named and shamed as Europe's worst ship 'dumpers' in a list drawn up by Shipbreaking Platform, an NGO combating dirty and dangerous shipbreaking practices worldwide.
It obliges shipowners to use certified recycling yards and enforces pre-established environmental criteria for dismantling ships, which guarantee the traceability of waste management and the further processing of dangerous materials.
Hellenic shipowners must now pay tonnage tax on ships operating under flags other than the Hellenic flag which are managed by companies based in Hellas, or offshore companies which have a branch in Hellas, operating under Law 89 of the Greek constitution.
Hempadur Impact is a new dedicated cargo hold coating for shipowners who want a high-performance cargo hold coating with a very attractive price/performance ratio.
A training session was held at the GOP headquarters for all registered shipowners to introduce them to the portal developed by regional digital agency Affno Middle East.
As part of the launch, the GOP held a training session for all shipowners registered in Bahrain to introduce them to the GOP's new Ship Registry Portal (SRP).
Domestic insurance firms are allowed to provide shipowners carrying Iranian oil $50 million in cover against pollution and personal injury claims, also known as protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance, Devli said.
AMBITIOUS Redcar Athletic face Wearside League title rivals Ryhope in the Shipowners Cup final on Easter Monday.