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Synonyms for shipment

goods carried by a large vehicle

the act of sending off something

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Chinese Smartphone Shipment Share by ASP (RMB), 1Q 2015
According to the Gartner research, the overall tape drive market declined in unit shipments, but dollar volume for the year increased to $2.
Customs, likewise, wants low-risk shipments to pass without manual inspection.
In the new report, the Environmental Working Group, a Washington-based watchdog organization, said rail lines in Ventura County, the Valley and the Antelope Valley and the 5 and 210 freeways through Santa Clarita and the Valley would meet federal safety standards for nuclear shipments.
The vendor's shipments of approximately 384,000 units represented a hefty increase of 36 percent from the previous quarter and bolstered the Korean vendor's market share from seven percent to 9.
Worldwide Motherboard Shipment Share by Maker, 3Q 2010 - 2Q 2012
Plan: Two plans - one shipment of buffalo meat every three months; or one shipment every two months.
This report presents forecast and recent quarter review of Smartphone shipment volume, shipment value, and APS, and analyzes manufacturer volume rankings, shipment by maker, and price trends.
As more consumers want to access the Internet, the European personal computer industry has benefited with shipments reaching 29.
Motor Vehicle - Strong demand for high-production brake castings continues, while shipments of iron blocks, heads and other engine castings decline.
Figure: Worldwide Feature Phone Shipment Share by Top 5 Vendors, 4Q12 and 4Q13
The "pull forward" effect of p-metric tire shipments from 2002 and 2003 into 2000 and 2001 from the Firestone recall and Ford replacement programs will take its toll on this year's shipment figures as shipments of passenger replacement tires are forecasted to decrease by nearly five million units to approximately 186 million units.
This research report presents shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of the greater Chinese notebook PC industry.
Tablet and Smartphone shipment forecasts (by OS platform, vendor and region) are also presented in the report due to their profound impact on the size of the mobile advertising market.