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a boat for communication between ship and shore

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The importance of Erebus Bay first became evident in May 1859, with the discovery of a ship's boat there by the Franklin search expedition led by Francis Leopold McClintock (McClintock, 1859).
The first Alligator, active in the War of 1812, was a long, light ship's boat, known as a "gig" or "captain's gig." Comdr.
Visitors were able to walk round the ship's upper deck, where they could speak to crew members and see the helicopter, weapons systems and the ship's boat.
Five of the six-man crew was winched to safety while the final sailor was rescued by the ship's boat.
Later Torpedo boat Chelmer, monitor Ladybird and Auxiliary Lychis arrived and took the survivors off Katsura and those remaining in the ship's boats. Katsura then sped off to rejoin the convoy.
Several days later a body and one of the ship's boats were washed ashore near Tynemouth.
An attempt was made to launch one of the ship's boats, but the nine women and four crewmen were thrown into the sea when a davit snapped.
The vessel is also fitted with two Norsafe davits capable at sea launch and retrieval of two 7.5 metre ship's boats. It has a nominal draft of 2.4 metres and beam of 11.5 metres with an economical cruising speed of 10 knots and a top speed of 12 knots.
A terrific storm struck the vessel while in Coatham Bay and its crew of 10 took to the ship's boats in an attempt to escape before it sank.
Laurent was like a sitting duck in the submarine-infested waters, with her seamen, both in the ship's boats and over the side on scramble nets, hauling in the survivors.
Immediately he ordered four of the ship's boats to be dispatched, that included the Minerva's barge with him aboard, to search for them.
You still anchor offshore, but you do not tender in to the port on your ship's boats. Instead, streamlined water taxis, which look like racing boats, provide frequent shuttles--and they are fast!
The final section features a collection of postcards of 19 survivors in the ship's boats taken by an amateur photographer on the Carpathia.
The main town would perhaps aim to raise enough for a hull, while a large village nearby would collect for the engines and a small hamlet, a gun or perhaps one of the ship's boats. This way each part of the locality could have a reachable target.
Nonetheless, it is recorded that as the ship's boats began to tow the raft of the Medusa, a ragged cheer of "Vive le roi!" went up.