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Synonyms for shinny

a simple version of hockey played by children on the streets (or on ice or on a field) using a ball or can as the puck


Related Words

climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling

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DEREK McINNES has launched a staunch defence of Graeme Shinnie, insisting his Kazakh kicking was bang out of order.
BLUES fans are in for a treat if Andrew Shinnie can live up to his blossoming reputation.
"Terry's Inverness team always had the impression of being physical but lately you've had the likes of Doran, McKay, the Shinnies, they added a bit of quality and flair to his team.
I was thinking 'thank goodness I still wear those grandad shinnies that come all the way around and protect everything!'.
The Gunderdogs were back to winning ways in the Tuesday League with a solid 16-10 win against Shinnies and Tinnies FC.
Danny lennon better call the company who made Paul McGowan's bulletproof shinnies to ask if they sell Kevlar flak jackets too.
I was thinking, 'Thank goodness I still wear those grandad shinnies that come all the way around and protect everything!' It wasn't too bad.
As Caley Thistle chase their first major cup final appearance the Shinnies are just happy to be fulfilling their potential.
"There's a picture of me aged about six or seven with a Celtic strip on and my shinnies in.
How the players dragged themselves back up the tunnel - bare-footed, shinnies hanging off them - is anyone's guess.
SHINN BONUS J The Shinnies celebrate Andrew's goal at Ibrox
The gaffer spent a mint on them yet clearly doesn't trust either to even put their shinnies in properly.
After bagging a rare goal in a win that halts a 12-game run without a win, Tokely began repair work on the 15-year-old shinnies which came off second best in a eyewatering second-half challenge.
Just because you have one doesn't make you invisible to defenders or immune from tackles in the ensuing four months, even if you do stuff a couple of extra copies of it inside your shinnies for some protection.