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the visual property of something that shines with reflected light

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That brilliance involves both whiteness and shininess has been observed for a number of Aboriginal cultures.
The British nineteenth century, irradiated by the splendid aura of a great monarch, Queen Victoria, may be paralleled with a beam of light reflecting itself through, and at the same time flooding stained glass with a dazzling multitude of reflections and metamorphosed echoes of its shininess. Metamorphosis seems to be one of the keys that decode the picture of this second Renaissance that breathes life and stifles canons, adds new voices to the general chorus, blends new potions and pleas for a transparent social, political, cultural, ideological acknowledgement of the forgotten self of the age.
Light is defined as the set of all light sources, [[??].sub.m] is the direction vector from the point on the surface toward each light source (m specifies the light source), N is the normal at this point on the surface, [[??].sub.m] is the direction that a total reflection ray of light would take from this point on the surface, V is the direction pointing towards the viewer, and a is a shininess constant for this material, which is larger for surfaces that are smoother and more mirror-like.
As Aristotelian philosophy says: If the purpose of a knife is to cut, the primary trait of a good knife will be sharpness (not shininess or some other irrelevant trait).
Talking to Gulf Times, he said he started by learning the violin and only took up the tuba at the age of 11, won over by its impressive size and shininess. He has no thoughts as yet of becoming a full-time professional musician, preferring to concentrate on his medical degree.
###which includes telangiectasia, increased transparency and shininess of the skin and the appearance of striae.
Last week I had a flash of self-doubt and began thinking there maybe something more to what was inside the shininess and the MASSIVE boxes and the mugs.
"It was mysterious, the black shininess of it all," sighed Holly Johnson.
They are not looking for the shininess of an import; or the sameness of a domestic light beer, but they are looking for this.
The mode dial is machined with finest tuning on its pitch of spin, form of plate and shininess. Characters are sharply printed by laser so that they are easy to see and they last long.
An example of this is the use of fibers powered by tiny, rechargeable batteries that can be turned on by the wearer so that the fibers give shininess or glow when the lights are dimmed.
The sharpness, colour, translucency and shininess of the obsidian appear to have combined to make it a highly desired good in exchanges (Torrence 2004b, 2005: 364365).
When you look at a plant, for example, really look at it -- it's texture, it's shininess, it's colour; you are completely in the now, studying an object.
I don't like the shininess of glaze, the fact that it coats the surface, but I teach glazing because I want to give students the option.