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Synonyms for shindy

a big, exuberant party

Synonyms for shindy

a large and noisy party of people


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Shindy said he was very careful when casting to always have her with him when he approached families about having their children appear in Blanka.
Pupils from Victoria Park Primary School council prepare to plant trees at Victoria Park, Smethwick with, left, Ash Lewis, Friends of Victoria Park secretary, and, right, Stacey Corker, from Asda Cape Hill, and Shindy Mahal, Victoria Park Primary learning mentor.
As love bands go, they're pretty engaging, so get yourself over to the university for what is bound to be a pretty impressive shindy.
A combination of historic changes in British society and theatre magnified through a peculiarly local shindy brought audiences expecting to see what reviews indicate many apparently therefore saw: a polemically engaged play about homosexuality.
Then an expectant hush was shattered by the Royal Orchestra, which broke into an astonishing musical shindy.
The Jeremy Noseda-trained Rock Of Gibraltar colt survived a stewards' inquiry after causing interference with Shindy and, surprisingly, Kelly avoided picking up a suspension.
This was our first military operation and we chose the oil fields because this is the wealth of Sudan, which this government is not sharing with all of its people," said Ali Abd al-Rahim al Shindy, leader of the group that carried out the attack.
In this regard, Jim describes for Marlow his settling of a domestic dispute over the lending of some pots that had the "making of a sanguinary shindy in the thing" (161).
LACAC reported that 26 percent of the water from water vending machines had a heterotrophic plate count (HPC) of greater than 500 colony forming units per milliliter (CFUs/mL), averaging 1,306 CFUs/mL, with five sites positive for total coliform bacteria and one site positive for fecal coliform bacteria (Fiksdal & Shindy, 1998).
I'm glad that this report really confirmed what we did before in Los Angeles County,'' said Wasfy Shindy, the lab's director and a deputy director in the county Agricultural Commissioner's Office.
This partnership, which will be in strong evidence at the Cheltenham Festival in less than two weeks, can bring rewards today at Newbury with Hell-Of-A Shindy in the Arkell's Brewery Novices Handicap Chase.
Her narrator is scornful of the war, calling it a "little shindy of schoolboys with gunpowder.
Roy was getting it off Pat and Cindy had a shindy with Ian and Mary.
Other Award winners were Captain Mona Shindy of New South Wales, who was named 2015 Telstra Business Woman of the Year and joint winner of the Government and Academia Award with Commissioner Carroll, Jessica May from the ACT who took home the Start-Up Award, South Australia s Kate Thiele who received the For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award and Kim Tran from Western Australia who won the Young Business Women s Award.