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Synonyms for shindy

a big, exuberant party

Synonyms for shindy

a large and noisy party of people


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Methanex is the only factory in Egypt with a production capacity of 1.3 million tons per year of methanol, Shindy stated, adding that Egypt's growing natural gas production eases the obstacles facing methanol production, which allows for achieving excellent results in methane production.
Shindy said he was very careful when casting to always have her with him when he approached families about having their children appear in Blanka.
Detective Constable Shindy Nota said: "We are pleased that the court recognised the severity of this crime and imposed such a lengthy sentence.
Learning mentor Shindy Mahal, who guided Victoria Park Primary pupils in the project, said: "The school council had lots of fun and learned about the different trees.
Indeed, the story seems to be very much about the ambiguities of the apocalyptic event and its preconceptions, which are intimated early on when the narrator denounces the cacophonous blasts waking him from the dead as an "infernal shindy." (2) The setting of the Judgment is then described by the disgruntled narrator as "an amphitheatral space as vast as the sky'" (see Figures 1-3), (3) in which "a multitude no man could number, nations, tongues, kingdoms, peoples--children of all the ages" are assembled: "And over against us, seated on a throne of dazzling white cloud, the Lord God and all the host of his angels." (4)
(54) A 'shindy' is a row or noise, according to Hotten's The Slang Dictionary (286).
HEADING TO UNIVERSITY: Martyn Gray, Nadine Naguib, Jim Chen, Jonathan Smith, Shindy Lall, Tom Chen
As love bands go, they're pretty engaging, so get yourself over to the university for what is bound to be a pretty impressive shindy.
A combination of historic changes in British society and theatre magnified through a peculiarly local shindy brought audiences expecting to see what reviews indicate many apparently therefore saw: a polemically engaged play about homosexuality.
Then an expectant hush was shattered by the Royal Orchestra, which broke into an astonishing musical shindy. The half-dozen solemn performers crowded on the floor near the thrones, lugging their instruments.
The Jeremy Noseda-trained Rock Of Gibraltar colt survived a stewards' inquiry after causing interference with Shindy and, surprisingly, Kelly avoided picking up a suspension.
"This was our first military operation and we chose the oil fields because this is the wealth of Sudan, which this government is not sharing with all of its people," said Ali Abd al-Rahim al Shindy, leader of the group that carried out the attack.
In this regard, Jim describes for Marlow his settling of a domestic dispute over the lending of some pots that had the "making of a sanguinary shindy in the thing" (161).