shin guard

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a stiff protective garment worn by hockey players or a catcher in baseball to protect the shins


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Similarly, brand A[R] was the best performing shin guard at the low impact level, and brand K[R] at the high impact level.
As the Giants took the field, star catcher and Hall of Famer Roger Bresnahan looked more like a goaltender than a backstop when he squatted behind the plate in a pair of thickly upholstered shin guards.
Riot face shields, riot body shields, and riot shin guards offer head-to-toe protection from nonballistic weapons.
The impact mechanism of the experimental set up was designed to hit the shin guard by the heel of the foot (an area of approximately 20 [cm.sup.2]).
"We went shin versus shin and he has a shin guard, so he won," Codiroli said.
DEBUT boy Brian Reid hit a wonder goal to get his Dunfermline career off to a dream start - then revealed his shin guard was snapped in two after an horrific second half tackle.
The collective, looking to create a better, more inclusive music scene in Elgin, welcomes three music groups to perform: Shin Guard, Cadence Fox and Indisposed.
So try shrinking to such a tiny size that you can slip down his shin guard and spy on him.
Mookie Betts bruised his left foot in a collision with catcher Chance Sisco's left shin guard when he scored in the first.
But Celtic head coach John Barnes said the odd shape was the player's shin guard pushed up by immediate swelling around the fractures.
I feared the worst when the shin guard broke but there's no bone damage.