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a cut of meat from the lower part of the leg


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the inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle

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It ranges from the medial surface of the lateral femoral condyle, which is a part of the lower end of the thigh bone, to the front of the anterior tibial spine, which is a part of the upper end of the shin bone. The anterior crutiate ligament acts primarily to maintain joint stability by restraining the forward motion of the shin bone relative to the thigh bone.
He writes that he broke his shin bone in two and it came out of his leg.
"For example, if you stop or accelerate or change direction it gives you stability and stops your shin bone moving up.
Whilst one victim sustained severe fractures in the waist bone, a woman in her mid-fifties lost all the flesh on her left shin bone.
Where the tumour is close to the knee, medics remove the knee and as much of the thigh and shin bone as needed.
Dominy and a team compared the strength of cassowary shin bone to that of the human thigh, and found they had similar properties, "so they are equally good for making daggers."
Ferrari said the mechanic on the left rear wheel, named only as Francesco, had been taken to hospital with a suspected shin bone and fibula fracture.
The knee connects the femur (thigh bone) with the tibia (shin bone).
BRIAN replies: Two cruciate ligaments stabilise the stifle - knee - joint and cross over between the thigh bone and shin bone. The injury occurs when the knee joint is put under great force, causing one or both ligaments to become badly strained or snap.
Bill Local, from County Durham, has Paget's disease in his left shin bone. His condition was finally diagnosed in 1974 following nearly 15 years of recurring problems in the leg, including fractures, pain and excessive heat.
I had the tibia or shin bone realigned where it enters the socket of the knee."
A Hip bone B Collar bone C Shin bone D Ankle bone QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: To which of the following bird families does the canary belong?
We discovered he had a hairline fracture to a shin bone, so we had to give him the season off.