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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- After the discussions on one man's regime, after endless attempts to change the Constitution for a "civil one" and finally after all this shilly-shallying on a "Turkish-style presidency," here we are: the French-style presidential regime for Turkey.
In the past, there have been shilly-shallying on the part of Government in exposing the terrorists and separatists and their network all over the province and outside Pakistan.This act has been counterproductive and at time Pakistani media alongside international media has blamed Pakistani LEAs, particularly the killings of local Balochs.
It was a "frank exchange of views." "Our interpretation was that they were deliberately shilly-shallying," Alastair said.
After over ten years shilly-shallying and procrastination there is really no excuse any longer for delaying the passing of the relevant legislation.
This right-leaning NDP campaign came after months of NDP shilly-shallying on the minimum wage, and after their rejection of a moderately progressive Liberal budget without articulating a policy rationale; and it followed a 2011 campaign in which the NDP campaigned against the Liberal carbon tax without presenting any viable alternative.
By now, the poor artist must have been completely bemused because sadly for him, he had to endure my shilly-shallying too.
Petrarch's ideological shilly-shallying seems almost naive when compared with the rhetorical contortionism and internal contradictions of Machiavelli's Il principe as revealed in chapter 5.
It is this, and the shilly-shallying of Labour politicians, do-gooders and well-remunerated anti-poverty (aren't we all?) campaigners that has nurtured our poisonous culture of welfare dependency.
And he compared Mr Clegg's Europe shilly-shallying with his firm stance.
Olufemi Taiwo passionately wants Africa to become 'modern', and (while insisting that Africans will do it their own way) has no truck with any relativistic shilly-shallying about multiple modernities: in his view, modernity is a complex good of universal applicability.
After watching the namby-pamby, shilly-shallying, weak-on-everything Republican presidential candidates debate, I have decided to throw not only my hat but also my Glock and armor-piercing bullets into the ring.
"I never forgave him for treating the fans and the club with absolute disdain from day one with his shilly-shallying about start dates.
The Lib Dems have been shilly-shallying for years about refurbishing these flats and now when they have no plan, they say these blocks are going to be demolished."
The Welsh Street community has been frustrated by lack of progress on demolition and re-building, caused by shilly-shallying of various organisations such as CABE (objecting to the plans) and English Heritage, the latter eventually stating that these houses have "no heritage value".