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But aside from the decisive dryness, 2001 will go down as a year when temperatures shilly-shallied all over the place: hot days that should have been chilly and cool days when it should have been hot.
They shilly-shallied and failed to kill off the reports on taking the sin out of extra-marital sex and making the "physical expression of homosexual love'' acceptable.
public opinion polls are running 2 to 1 for a Palestinian state, and although Western Europe has accepted the pro-peace Palestinian position by welcoming Yasir Arafat in places like Paris and Vienna, the United States has shilly-shallied without scruple or misgiving.
Rather than being open about its intentions, it has bumbled and shilly-shallied its way through a sensitive and contentious issue about which many people feel very strongly.
"It doesn't take any courage in Georgia in 1982 to get out in front on voting rights," says one well-connected Atlanta l"He shilly-shallied, and it should've been easy."