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a cudgel made of hardwood (usually oak or blackthorn)

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| Loughborough College staff and students who appeared in A Date With Shillelagh with just some of the 58 awards it has now won (from left) Darren Wallis, Christie King, Isabel Peters, Keith Large and Megan Smith.
The fiscal added: "Police found him behind the door with the black wooden shillelagh.
Sheridan was himself surprised by his grandchildren, who commandeered a shillelagh, a traditional blackthorn walking stick, and turned the tables, presenting their grandfather with an award.
While he was inside Miss Purcell befriended her, giving her the shillelagh after an Irish holiday.
Most nights - and especially at weekends - this pub could do with elastic sides as there's no room to swing a shillelagh. As the name suggests, it has a distinctly Irish character which feels more genuine than most themed pubs.
In 1984 Shillelagh, whose members are from Northern Ireland and the Republic, played its first gig for the Queen Mum after her presentation of the shamrock to Irish Guards in Munster.
The crime drama A Date With Shillelagh, set against the backdrop of the music business, has already won five awards and is being screened at no fewer than nine film festivals worldwide from Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Seattle in the US to Berlin, Germany, Aosta, Italy and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Shillelagh Awards will be presented to those selected by the wee-people at their annual caucus, which was held under the Wishing Tree in O'Malley's field, along with other awards given to honor those who have given to others.
From just PS79* single car and driver Stena Line will help you experience exciting family adventures, romantic breaks and more arts and culture than you can shake a 'shillelagh' stick at.
Because now, more than ever before, we need to put on our shamrock and shillelagh act.
The Doyler has an accent you could "lather with your Shillelagh" the engine of a Connemara pony and the tenacity of an Irish wolf hound.
It's probably true that he wouldn't realise he was in Ireland - north or south - unless everyone carried a shillelagh in one hand, a pig in the other and all the women looked like Maureen O'Hara.
You couldn't knock the old boy out of the first three with a shillelagh!