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a derogatory term used by Jews to refer to non-Jewish women

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For many Haredim, zonah mad shikse are not mindless, pejoratives but in the above circumstances metaphorically appropriate and justifiable.
Schnoz has made a video, directed by an Orthodox guy and starring a Jewish version of Blink 182 called The Groggers, in which a pre-nose job Jewish boy (kippah and all!) can't get the girl (blonde and implicitly shikse, naturally) because his nose is too big, a "Jewcan Sam" in fact.
shikse" (8)--the gentile woman--is but one example of the way in
Portnoy's pursuit of the "exotic shikse" is grounded in personal ambition that is sorely undermined by the reality that confronts him.
He claims that he considers this task an attempt to "[s]ave the stupid shikse, to rid her of her race's ignorance ..." (PC 235).
(MLM 219) Maureen is portrayed as the "dragon shikse" not because she is inherently malicious but because she fails to reciprocate the admiration that Tarnopol has grown so accustomed to expect from someone whom he cares for.
Like, Maureen, she is the shikse who is victimized by the insensitivity of men whose interest in her is purely physical.
Just as the licentious shikse proves unable to validate Portnoy's and Kepesh's illicit passions, Faunia can't justify the significance that Coleman would ascribe to his authentic identity, his membership card within her world of hopelessness and despair.